Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Combining dielectrophoresis and computer vision for precise and fully automated single-cell handling and analysis
Godino, N.; Pfisterer, F.; Gerling, T.; Guernth-Marschner, C.; Duschl, C.; Kirschbaum, M.
2018A simple approach for the precise measurement of surface temperature distributions on the microscale under dry and liquid conditions based on thin Rhodamine B films
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2016Patterned thermoresponsive microgel coatings for noninvasive processing of adherent cells
Uhlig, Katja; Wegener, Thomas; He, Jian; Zeiser, Michael; Bookhold, Johannes; Dewald, Inna; Godino, Neus; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Hellweg, Thomas; Fery, Andreas; Duschl, Claus
2015Purification of microalgae from bacterial contamination using a disposable inertia-based microfluidic device
Godino, Neus; Jorde, Felix; Lawlor, Daryl; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Duschl, Claus
2014Centrifugal automation of a triglyceride bioassay on a low-cost hybrid paper-polymer device
Godino, N.; Vereshchagina, E.; Gorkin, R.; Ducrée, J.
2013Comprehensive integration of homogeneous bioassays via centrifugo-pneumatic cascading
Godino, N.; Gorkin, R.; Linares, A.V.; Burger, R.; Ducrée, J.
2012Fabricating electrodes for amperometric detection in hybrid paper/polymer lab-on-a-chip devices
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