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2020Branched-chain fatty acids as mediators of the activation of hepatic peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha by a fungal lipid extract
Maheshwari, G.; Ringseis, R.; Wen, G.; Gessner, D.K.; Rost, J.; Fraatz, M.A.; Zorn, H.; Eder, K.
2020Comprehensive evaluation of the metabolic effects of insect meal from Tenebrio molitor L. in growing pigs by transcriptomics, metabolomics and lipidomics
Meyer, S.; Gessner, D.K.; Braune, M.S.; Friedhoff, T.; Most, E.; Höring, M.; Liebisch, G.; Zorn, H.; Eder, K.; Ringseis, R.
2020Supplementation of sulfur-containing amino acids or essential amino acids does not reverse the hepatic lipid-lowering effect of a protein-rich insect meal in obese zucker rats
Meyer, S.; Schäfer, L.; Röhrig, J.; Maheshwari, G.; Most, E.; Zorn, H.; Ringseis, R.; Eder, K.; Gessner, D.K.
2020Tenebrio molitor larvae meal affects the cecal microbiota of growing pigs
Meyer, S.; Gessner, D.K.; Maheshwari, G.; Röhrig, J.; Friedhoff, T.; Most, E.; Zorn, H.; Ringseis, R.; Eder, K.
2019The Antisteatotic and Hypolipidemic Effect of Insect Meal in Obese Zucker Rats is Accompanied by Profound Changes in Hepatic Phospholipid and 1-Carbon Metabolism
Meyer, S.; Gessner, D.K.; Wen, G.; Most, E.; Liebisch, G.; Zorn, H.; Ringseis, R.; Eder, K.