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2010Computer-assisted surgery planning for complex liver resections: When is it helpful? A single-center experience over an 8-year period
Radtke, A.; Sotiropoulos, G.C.; Molmenti, E.P.; Schröder, T.; Peitgen, H.-O.; Frilling, A.; Broering, D.C.; Broelsch, C.E.; Malago, M.
2007Preoperative volume prediction in adult living donor liver transplantation: How much can we rely on it?
Radtke, A.; Sotiropoulos, G.C.; Nadalin, S.; Molmenti, E.P.; Schroeder, T.; Lang, H.; Saner, F.; Valentin-Gamazo, C.; Frilling, A.; Schenk, A.; Broelsch, C.E.; Malago, M.
2006Parenchyma transection in adult live donor liver transplantation: The virtual dilemma of "where to cut"
Radtke, A.; Nadalin, S.; Sotiropoulos, G.C.; Molmenti, E.P.; Schroeder, T.; Schenk, A.; Frilling, A.; Saner, F.H.; Peitgen, H.-O.; Broelsch, C.E.; Malago, M.