Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Determining Elastic Constants of AlScN Films on Silicon Substrates by Laser Ultrasonics
Rogall, Olga; Feil, Niclas M.; Ding, Anli; Mayer, Elena; Pupyrev, Pavel D.; Lomonosov, Alexey M.; Zukauskaite, Agne; Ambacher, Oliver; Mayer, Andreas P.
2020Enhanced electromechanical coupling in SAW resonators based on sputtered non-polar Al₀.₇₇Sc₀.₂₃N (1120) thin films
Ding, Anli; Kirste, Lutz; Lu, Yuan; Driad, Rachid; Kurz, Nicolas; Lebedev, Vadim; Christoph, Tim; Feil, Niclas M.; Lozar, Roger; Metzger, Thomas; Ambacher, Oliver; Zukauskaite, Agne
2020Non-Polar a-plane AlScN(1120) Thin Film Based SAW Resonantors with Significantly Improved Electromechanical Coupling
Ding, Anli; Driad, Rachid; Lu, Yuan; Feil, Niclas M.; Kirste, Lutz; Christoph, Tim; Ambacher, Oliver; Zukauskaite, Agne
2020Novel Method for Extracting Material Constants of Epitaxial Wurtzite AlScN Films on Sapphire Using Higher Order Surface Acoustic Wave Modes
Feil, Niclas M.; Mayer, Elena; Christian, Björn; Ding, Anli; Zukauskaite, Agne; Ambacher, Oliver
2019Finite element analysis of SAW propagation characteristics in c-plane (0001) and a-plane (11-20) ALScN thin films
Feil, Niclas M.; Kurz, Nicolas; Urban, Daniel F.; Altayara, Abdullah; Bjoern, Christian; Ding, Anli; Zukauskaite, Agne; Ambacher, Oliver