Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Actuating Shape Memory Polymer for Thermoresponsive Soft Robotic Gripper and Programmable Materials
Schönfeld, Dennis; Chalissery, Dilip; Wenz, Franziska; Specht, Marius; Eberl, Chris; Pretsch, Thorsten
2021Adaptive Wettability of a Programmable Metasurface
Specht, M.; Berwind, M.; Eberl, C.
2021Designing Shape Morphing Behavior through Local Programming of Mechanical Metamaterials
Wenz, Franziska; Schmidt, Ingo; Leichner, Alexander; Lichti, Tobias; Baumann, Sascha; Andrae, Heiko; Eberl, Christoph
2021Regression approaches for Kano classification: An empirical analysis of the classification of quality attributes according to Kano
Reichenbach, R.; Jutz, G.; Eberl, C.; Lindenmeier, J.
2021Shape Memory Polymers in Transition to Programmable Materials
Pretsch, Thorsten; Schönfeld, Dennis; Chalissery, Dilip; Walter, Mario; Köbler, Jonathan; Andrä, Heiko; Wenz, Franziska; Eberl, Chris
2020Automated quantitative analyses of fatigue-induced surface damage by deep learning
Thomas, A.; Durmaz, A.R.; Straub, T.; Eberl, C.
2020Come on, network! Empowering employees to use Web-based interorganizational learning platforms in research and development
Reichenbach, R.; Eberl, C.; Lindenmeier, J.
2020Domänenübergreifende Workflows zur effizienten Entwicklung Programmierbarer Materialien
Weisheit, Linda; Wenz, Franziska; Lichti, Tobias; Eckert, Medardus; Baumann, Sascha; Hübner, Christof; Eberl, Christoph; Andrä, Heiko
2020Mechanical metamaterials on the way from laboratory scale to industrial applications: Challenges for characterization and scalability
Fischer, Sarah C.L.; Hillen, Leonie; Eberl, Chris
2020Tensile behavior of air plasma spray MCrAlY coatings: Role of high temperature agings and process defects
Texier, D.; Cadet, C.; Straub, T.; Eberl, C.; Maurel, V.
2020Untersuchungen zur Synthese und Mikrostruktur von Ti2AlN-Dünnschichten sowie deren Schutzwirkung auf ferritische Stähle
Gröner, Lukas
: Bast, H.; Eberl, C.; Hillebrecht, H.
2019GPU-based digital image correlation system for real-time strain-controlled fatigue and strain field measurement
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, Melanie; Eberl, Chris; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel
2019Measurement of local strain
Gammer, C.; Richard, M.-I.; Eberl, C.
2019Mechanoregulation of bone remodeling and healing as inspiration for self-repair in materials
Weinkamer, R.; Eberl, C.; Fratzl, P.
2019Post-buckling and dynamic response of angled struts in elastic lattices
Wehmeyer, S.; Zok, F.W.; Eberl, C.; Gumbsch, P.; Cohen, N.; McMeeking, R.; Begley, M.
2019Real-Time GPU-Based Digital Image Correlation Sensor for Marker-Free Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, Melanie; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel; Eberl, Chris
2018Compressive behavior and failure mechanisms of freestanding and composite 3D graphitic foams
Nakanishi, K.; Aria, A.; Berwind, M.; Weatherup, R.S.; Eberl, C.; Hofmann, S.; Fleck, N.
2018Experimental investigation of damage detection and crack initiation up to the very high cycle fatigue regime
Buck, M.; Straub, T.; Eberl, C.
Aufsatz in Buch
2018A hierarchical programmable mechanical metamaterial unit cell showing metastable shape memory
Berwind, M.F.; Kamas, A.; Eberl, C.
2018Microstructural deformation in fatigued nanotwinned copper alloys
Heckman, N.M.; Berwind, M.; Eberl, C.; Hodge, A.M.
2018Microstructural investigations of polycrystalline Ti2AlN prepared by physical vapor deposition of Ti-AlN multilayers
Gröner, Lukas; Kirste, Lutz; Oeser, Sabine; Fromm, Alexander; Wirth, Marco; Meyer, Frank; Burmeister, Frank; Eberl, Chris
2017Epitaxie und Charakterisierung von AlGaN-basierten UV-Photodetektoren
Albrecht, B.
: Lausen, G.; Ambacher, O. (Editor); Eberl, C. (Referent)
2017Marker-free GPU-based digital image correlation system for high-temperature strain-controlled fatigue measurements
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, M.; Eberl, Christoph; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel
2017On the upper and lower bounds of correlation window size in digital image correlation analysis
Zhang, H.; Senn, M.; Sui, T.; Lunt, A.; Brandt, L.R.; Papadaki, C.; Ying, S.; Salvati, E.; Eberl, C.; Korsunsky, A.M.
2017Rapidly prototyping biocompatible surfaces with designed wetting properties via photolithography and plasma polymerization
Berwind, M.F.; Hashibon, A.; Fromm, A.; Gurr, M.; Burmeister, F.; Eberl, C.
2016Experimental investigation of crack initiation. In face-centered cubic materials in the high and very high cycle fatigue regime
Straub, T.
: Kraft, O.; Eberl, C.; Lapusta, Y.
2016Fatigue properties of conventionally manufactured and micro-powder-injection-moulded 17-4PH micro-components
Slaby, S.A.; Kraft, O.; Eberl, C.
2016Fracture, fatigue, and creep of nanotwinned metals
Li, X.; Dao, M.; Eberl, C.; Hodge, A.M.; Gao, H.
2016Miniaturisierung? Ja, bitte!
Piotter, V.; Eberl, C.; Kraft, O.
2015Mechanical characterization between room temperature and 1000 °C of SiC free-standing thin films by a novel high-temperature micro-tensile setup
Leisen, D.; Rusanov, R.; Rohlfing, F.; Fuchs, T.; Eberl, C.; Riesch-Oppermann, H.; Kraft, O.
2015Small-scale multiaxial setup for damage detection into the very high cycle fatigue regime
Straub, T.; Berwind, M.F.; Kennerknecht, T.; Lapusta, Y.; Eberl, C.
2014Discussion on "Interfacial Residual Stress Analysis of Thermal Spray Coatings by Miniature Ring-Core Cutting Combined with DIC Method" by J.G. Zhu et al., Experimental Mechanics DOI:10.1007/s11340-012-9640-2
Sebastiani, M.; Korsunsky, A.M.; Eberl, C.; Bemporad, E.; Pharr, G.M.
2014Focused ion beam four-slot milling for Poisson's ratio and residual stress evaluation at the micron scale
Sebastiani, M.; Eberl, C.; Bemporad, E.; Korsunsky, A.M.; Nix, W.D.; Carassiti, F.
2014Load data calculation in electric axle drives and fatigue assessment for the electric motor subsystem
Knetsch, D.; Funk, M.; Kennerknecht, T.; Eberl, C.
2014Mechanical properties of bulk single crystalline nanoporous gold investigated by millimetre-scale tension and compression testing
Briot, N.J.; Kennerknecht, T.; Eberl, C.; Balk, T.J.
2014Mechanical properties of C58 materials and their dependence on thermal treatment
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2014Quantitative damage and detwinning analysis of nanotwinned copper foil under cyclic loading
Yoo, B.-G.; Boles, S.T.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Schwaiger, R.; Eberl, C.; Kraft, O.
2013Evolution of local strain bands of different orientation in single crystalline NiMnGa foils under tension
Pinneker, V.; Eberl, C.; Sozinov, A.; Ezer, Y.; Kohl, M.
2013Investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale
Schmitt, N.J.; Bohnert, C.; Eberl, C.; Schwaiger, R.; Weygand, S.M.; Kraft, O.
2003Entwicklung, Implementierung und Bewertung eines Scatternet-Formations-Algorithmus für Bluetooth Ad-hoc Netzwerke
Eberl, C.
: Stechele, W. (Prüfer); Augel, M. (Prüfer)