Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Overview on an implantable multi sensor system for cardiovascular monitoring
Görtz, Michael; Grabmaier, Anton; Wiemer, Maik; Storsberg, Joachim; Duschl, Claus; Bögel, Gerd vom
2017Rapid 3D refractive-index imaging of live cells in suspension without labeling using dielectrophoretic cell rotation
Habaza, Mor; Kirschbaum, Michael; Guernth-Marschner, Christian; Dardikman, Gili; Barnea, Itay; Korenstein, Rafi; Duschl, Claus; Shaked, Nathan T.
2016Biodegradation-resistant multilayers coated with gold nanoparticles
Prokopovic, Vladimir Z.; Vikulina, Anna S.; Sustr, David; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dmitry V.
2016Mobility of lysozyme in poly(l-lysine)/hyaluronic acid multilayer films
Velk, Natalia; Uhlig, Katja; Vikulina, Anna S.; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dmitry V.
2016Patterned thermoresponsive microgel coatings for noninvasive processing of adherent cells
Uhlig, Katja; Wegener, Thomas; He, Jian; Zeiser, Michael; Bookhold, Johannes; Dewald, Inna; Godino, Neus; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Hellweg, Thomas; Fery, Andreas; Duschl, Claus
2016Real-time monitoring of oxygen uptake in hepatic bioreactor shows CYP450-independent mitochondrial toxicity of acetaminophen and amiodarone
Prill, Sebastian; Bavli, Danny; Levy, Gahl; Ezra, Elishai; Schmälzlin, Elmar; Schwarz, Michael; Duschl, Claus; Cohen, Merav; Nahmias, Yaakov
2016Temperature effect on the build-up of exponentially growing polyelectrolyte multilayers. An exponential-to-linear transition point
Vikulina, Anna S.; Anissimov, Yuri G.; Singh, Prateek; Prokopovic, Vladimir Z.; Uhlig, Katja; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Klitzing, Regine von; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dimitry V.
2015A FRAP-based evaluation of protein diffusion in polyelectrolyte multilayers
Sustr, David; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dimitry V.
2015Hyaluronic acid/Poly-l-Lysine multilayers as reservoirs for storage and release of small charged molecules
Prokopovic, Vladimir Z.; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dimitry V.
2015Measurement of surface-mediated Ca2+ transients on the single-cell level in a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip environment
Kirschbaum, Michael; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Duschl, Claus
Aufsatz in Buch
2015Purification of microalgae from bacterial contamination using a disposable inertia-based microfluidic device
Godino, Neus; Jorde, Felix; Lawlor, Daryl; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Duschl, Claus
2015Temperature-induced molecular transport through polymer multilayers coated with PNIPAM microgels
Vikulina, Anna S.; Aleed, S.T.; Paulraj, Thomas; Vladimirov, Y.A.; Duschl, Claus; Klitzing, Regine von; Volodkin, Dimitry
2014Microporous polymeric 3D scaffolds templated by the layer-by-layer self-assembly
Paulraj, Thomas; Feoktistovab, Natalia A.; Velk, Natalia; Uhlig, Katja; Duschl, Claus; Volodkin, Dimitry