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2017JPEG privacy and security framework for social networking and GLAM services
Temmermans, Frederik; Ebrahimi, Touradj; Foessel, Siegfried; Delgado, Jaime; Ishikawa, Takakki; Natu, Ambarish; Schelkens, Peter
2010Editorial preface: Special issue on context-aware and mobile multimedia databases and services
Grigoras, R.; Charvillat, V.; Chbeir, R.; Kosch, H.; Bailer, W.; Boll, S.; Brunie, L.; Cao, Y.; Delgado, J.; Granitzer, M.; Hausenblas, M.; Eidenberger, H.; Klamma, R.; Lux, M.; Marques, O.; Oria, V.; Plesca, C.; Préteux, F.; Sedes, F.; Spaniol, M.; Ternier, S.; Wolpers, M.
2009Semantic MPEG query format validation and processing
Döller, M.; Yakou, A.N.N.; Tous, R.; Delgado, J.; Gruhne, M.; Choi, M.; Lim, T.-B.
2007MP7QF: An MPEG-7 Query Format
Gruhne, Matthias; Tous, Ruben; Delgado, Jaime; Döller, Mario; Kosch, Harald
2004The need for a digital rights management framework for the next generation of e-government services
Abie, H.; Bing, J.; Blobel, B.; Delgado, J.; Foyn, B.; Karnouskos, S.; Pharow, P.; Pitkänen, O.; Tzovaras, T.
2003DigiRight: Network of excellence for a framework for policy, privacy, security, trust and risk management for digital rights management
Abie, Habtamu; Bing, Jon; Blobel, Bernd; Delgado, Jaime; Foyn, Bent; Karnouskos, Stamatis; Pharow, Peter; Pitkänen, Olli; Tzovaras, Dimitrios
2003DigiRight: Relevance to and potential impact on Europe's need to strengthen the science and technology excellence on DRM
Abie, Habtamu; Blobel, Bernd; Delgado, Jaime; Karnouskos, Stamatis; Marti, Ramon; Pharow, Peter; Pitkänen, Olli; Tzovaras, Dimitrios
2002Mobile agents for telecommunication application
: Karmouch, A.; Magedanz, T.; Delgado, J.