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2016155nm-span multi-wavelength DFB laser array fabricated by selective area growth
Soares, F.; Baier, M.F.; Zhang, Z.; Gaertner, T.; Franke, D.; Decobert, J.; Achouche, M.; Schmidt, D.; Moehrle, M.; Grote, N.; Schell, M.
2005High speed AlGaInAs multiple-quantum-well electroabsorption modulator buried and planarized with semi-insulating Fe-doped InP grown by chloride assisted LP-MOVPE
Gouraud, S.; Cuisin, M.-C.; Kazmierski, C.; Decobert, J.; Alexandre, F.; Blache, F.; Paraskevopoulos, A.; Franke, D.
2004Planarized selective regrowth of InP:FE by LP-MOVPE using tertiarybutylchloride for high-speed modulator devices
Paraskevopoulos, A.; Franke, D.; Harde, P.; Gouraud, S.; Pallec, M. le; Lelarge, F.; Decobert, J.