Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017The future of the semantic web. Prototypes on a global distributed filesystem
Cochez, M.; Hüser, D.; Decker, S.
2017Immune-response patterns and next generation sequencing diagnostics for the detection of mycoses in patients with septic shock - results of a combined clinical and experimental investigation
Decker, S.O.; Sigl, A.; Grumaz, C.; Stevens, P.; Vainshtein, Y.; Zimmermann, S.; Weigand, M.A.; Hofer, S.; Sohn, K.; Brenner, T.
2016Knowledge representation on the web revisited: The case for prototypes
Cochez, Michael; Decker, Stefan; Prud’hommeaux, E.
2016Next-generation sequencing diagnostics of bacteremia in septic patients
Grumaz, Silke; Stevens, Philip; Grumaz, Christian; Decker, Sebastian O.; Weigand, Markus A.; Hofer, Stefan; Brenner, Thorsten; Haeseler, Arndt von; Sohn, Kai
2016An RDF based semantic approach to model temporal relations in health records
Beyan, O.; Decker, S.
2016A semantic architecture for preserving and interpreting the information contained in Irish historical vital records
Debruyne, C.; Beyan, O.D.; Grant, R.; Collins, S.; Decker, S.; Harrower, N.
2016Towards the use of graph summaries for privacy enhancing release and querying of linked data
Heitmann, Benjamin; Hermsen, Felix; Decker, Stefan
2015Optimizing SPARQL query processing on dynamic and static data based on query time/freshness requirements using materialization
Dehghanzadeh, Soheila; Parreira, Josiane Xavier; Karnstedt, Marcel; Umbrich, Jürgen; Hauswirth, Manfred; Decker, Stefan
2012Untersuchung und Implementierung des ADM1-Modell mit Matlab Simulink
Decker, Stefan
Bachelor Thesis
2011Towards networked knowledge
Decker, Stefan; Handschuh, Siegfried; Hauswirth, Manfred
Aufsatz in Buch
2009CERA: A collaborative environment reference architecture for interoperable CWE systems
Peristeras, V.; Fradinho, M.; Lee, D.; Prinz, W.; Ruland, R.; Iqbal, K.; Decker, S.
2006ECOSPACE - Towards an integrated collaboration space for eProfessionals
Prinz, W.; Löh, H.; Pallot, M.; Schaffers, H.; Skarmeta, A.; Decker, S.