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2020Connecting cancer pathways to tumor engines: A stratification tool for colorectal cancer combining human in vitro tissue models with boolean in silico models
Baur, Florentin; Nietzer, Sarah L.; Kunz, Meik; Saal, Fabian; Jeromin, Julian; Matschos, Stephanie; Linnebacher, Michael; Walles, Heike; Dandekar, Thomas; Dandekar, Gudrun
2020Development of a bioreactor system for pre-endothelialized cardiac patch generation with enhanced viscoelastic properties by combined collagen I compression and stromal cell culture
Krziminski, Carolin; Kammann, Sebastian; Hansmann, Jan; Edenhofer, Frank; Dandekar, Gudrun; Walles, Heike; Leistner, Marcus
2020In silico signaling modeling to understand cancer pathways and treatment responses
Kunz, Meik; Jeromin, Julian; Fuchs, Maximilian; Christoph, Jan; Veronesi, Giulia; Flentje, Michael; Nietzer, Sarah; Dandekar, Gudrun; Dandekar, Thomas
2019Drug induced micellization into ultra-high capacity and stable curcumin nanoformulations: Physico-chemical characterization and evaluation in 2D and 3D in vitro models
Lübtow, Michael M.; Nelke, Lena C.; Seifert, Julia; Kühnemundt, Johanna; Sahay, Gaurav; Dandekar, Gudrun; Nietzer, Sarah L.; Luxenhofer, Robert
2019ROR1-CAR T cells are effective against lung and breast cancer in advanced microphysiologic 3D tumor models
Wallstabe, Lars; Göttlich, Claudia; Nelke, Lena C.; Kühnemundt, Johanna; Schwarz, Thomas; Nerreter, Thomas; Einsele, Hermann; Walles, Heike; Dandekar, Gudrun; Nietzer, Sarah L.; Hudecek, Michael
2018A combined tissue-engineered/in silico signature tool patient stratification in lung cancer
Göttlich, Claudia; Kunz, Meik; Zapp, Cornelia; Nietzer, Sarah L.; Walles, Heike; Dandekar, Thomas; Dandekar, Gudrun
2018Recombinant collagen I peptide microcarriers for cell expansion and their potential use as cell delivery system in a bioreactor model
Suarez Muñoz, Melva; Confalonieri, Davide; Walles, Heike; Dongen, Elisabeth M.W.M. van; Dandekar, Gudrun
2017MicroRNA-21 versus microRNA-34: Lung cancer promoting and inhibitory microRNAs analysed in silico and in vitro and their clinical impact
Kunz, Meik; Göttlich, Claudia; Walles, Thorsten; Nietzer, Sarah; Dandekar, Gudrun; Dandekar, Thomas
2016A combined 3D tissue engineered in Vitro/in silico lung tumor model for predicting drug effectiveness in specific mutational backgrounds
Göttlich, Claudia; Müller, Lena C.; Kunz, Meik; Schmitt, Franziska; Walles, Heike; Walles, Thorsten; Dandekar, Thomas; Dandekar, Gudrun; Nietzer, Sarah L.
2016Human organotypic lung tumor models: Suitable for preclinical 18F-FDG PET-imaging
Fecher, David; Hofmann, Elisabeth; Buck, Andreas; Bundschuh, Ralph; Nietzer, Sarah; Dandekar, Gudrun; Walles, Thorsten; Walles, Heike; Lückerath, Katharina; Steinke, Maria
2016Mimicking metastases including tumor stroma: A new technique to generate a three-dimensional colorectal cancer model based on a biological decellularized intestinal scaffold
Nietzer, Sarah; Baur, Florentin; Sieber, Stefan; Hansmann, Jan; Schwarz, Thomas; Stoffer, Carolin; Häfner, Heide; Gasser, Martin; Waaga-Gasser, Ana Maria; Walles, Heike; Dandekar, Gudrun
2015Study of the effect of collagenous microcarriers on the vasculogenic potential of endothelial cells obtained from different sources
Suarez Munoz, M.; Dandekar, Gudrun; Walles, Heike
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
2014Organ-like three dimensional test systems
Rossi, Angela; Groeber, Florian; Steinke, Maria; Dandekar, Gudrun; Nietzer, Sarah; Metzger, Marco; Walles, Heike