Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Extracellular micro and nanostructures forming the velvet worm solidified adhesive secretion
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Sanchéz, Angie; Pereira, Reinaldo; Rischka, Klaus; Kowalik, Thomas; Vega-Baudrit, José
2017Interfactant action of an amphiphilic polymer upon directing graphene oxide layer formation on sapphire substrates
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Soltau, Marko; Vollalobos, Karolina; Rischka, Klaus; Noeske, Paul-Ludwig Michael; Brune, Kai; Dieckhoff, Stefan
2016Formation and composition of adsorbates on hydrophobic carbon surfaces from aqueous laccase-maltodextrin mixture suspension
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Lisboa-Filhoa, Paulo Noronha; Szardenings, MIchael; Gätjen, Linda; Noeske, Paul-Ludwig Michael; Rischka, Klaus
2016Implementation of diverse non‑centrosymmetric layer concepts for tuning the interface activity of a magnesium alloy
Stamboroski, Stephani; Stachera, Priscilla Natalli; Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Homann Hrycyna, Gustavo; Iraja Taborda Ribas Neto, Wilson; Kazuki de Azambuja, Wagner; Salz, Dirk; Ihde, Jörg; Noeske, Paul‑Ludwig Michael; Leite Cavalcanti, Welchy
2016Investigations of biofilms formed on silica in contact with aqueous formulations containing laccase and maltodextrin
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Gätjen, Linda; Vieira Nascimento, Matheus; Lisboa-Filho, Paulo Noronha; Leite Cavalcanti, Welchy; Noeske, Paul-Ludwig Michael; Rischka, Klaus
2015Influences of the pH on the adsorption properties of an antimicrobial peptide on titanium surfaces
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Wittig, Linda; Vieira Nascimento, Matheus; Luiz Faccioni, Juliano; Noronha Lisboa Filho, Paulo; Rischka, Klaus
2014A novel surface modification of polymeric materials by enzymatic treatment for biocompatibility improvement
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Nascimento, Matheus Viera; Faccioni, Juliano L.; Noeske, Michael; Szardenings, MIchael; Lisboa-Filho, Paulo Noronho; Rischka, Klaus