Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Design of moving experimentation facility to showcase satellite integration into 5G
Politis, Christos; Liolis, Konstantinos; Corici, Marius; Troudt, Eric; Szabó, Zsolt; Cahill, Joe
2019Enabling dynamic IoT security domains
Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Shashi, Yatindra; Corici, Marius; Shrestha, Ranjan; Guzman, David
2019Paving the way for local and industrial 5G networks and testbeds
Corici, Marius; Emmelmann, Marc; Hauswirth, Manfred; Magedanz, Thomas
2018Access control management and orchestration in NFV environment
Tran, Thanh Quang; Covaci, Stefan; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, T.
2017Data plane programmability solution for Telecom protocols
Krishna, Mohan; Reichel, Benjamin; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
2017SDN enhancements for the sliced, deep programmable 5G core
Eichhorn, Fabian; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas; Du, Ping; Kiriha, Yoshiaki; Nakao, Akihiro
2016A benchmarking methodology for virtualized packet core implementations
Corici, Marius; Gheorghe-Pop, Ilie; Cau, Eleonora; Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Magedanz, Thomas
2016Efficient exploitation of mobile edge computing for virtualized 5G in EPC architectures
Cau, Eleonora; Corici, Marius; Bellavista, Paolo; Foschini, Luca; Carella, Giuseppe; Edmonds, Andy; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2016An extensible Autoscaling Engine (AE) for Software-based Network Functions
Carella, Guiseppe Antonio; Pauls, Michael; Grebe, Lars; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
2016IoT inter-security domain trust transfer and service dispatch solution
Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Emmelmann, Marc; Luo, Jingjing; Shresta, Ranjan; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
2016Resilient orchestration of Service Functions Chains in a NFV environment
Medhat, Ahmed M.; Carella, Guiseppe; Pauls, Michael; Monachesi, Marcello; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
2016An SDN-based solution for increasing flexibility and reliability of dedicated network environments
Corici, Marius; Reichel, Benjamin; Bochow, Bernd; Magedanz, Thomas
2016Toward a fully cloudified mobile network infrastructure
Sousa, Bruno; Cordeiro, Luis; Simões, Paulo; Edmonds, Andy; Ruiz, Santiago; Carella, Giuseppe; Corici, Marius; Nikaen, Navid; Gomes, Andre S.; Schiller, Eryk; Braun, Torsten; Bohnert, Thomas M.
2015EASE: EPC as a service to ease mobile core network deployment over cloud
Taleb, Tarik; Corici, Marius; Parada, Carlos; Jamakovic, Almerima; Ruffino, Simone; Karagiannis, Georgios; Magedanz, Thomas
2015A framework for handling heterogeneous M2M traffic
Elmangoush, Asma; Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Steinke, Ronald; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2015Mobile cloud networking: From cloud, through NFV and beyond
Carella, Guiseppe; Edmonds, Andy; Dudouet, Florian; Corici, Marius; Sousa, Bruno; Yousaf, Zarrar
2015Prototyping new concepts beyond 4G - The Fraunhofer Open5GCore
Magedanz, Thomas; Carella, Giuseppe; Corici, Marius; Mueller, Julius; Weber, Andreas
2015Quality audit and resource brokering for network functions virtualization (NFV) orchestration in hybrid clouds
Carella, Guiseppe; Foschini, Luca; Pernafini, Alessandro; Bellavista, Paolo; Corradi, Antonio; Corici, Marius; Schreiner, Florian; Magedanz, Thomas
2014Mobile cloud networking: Virtualisation of cellular networks
Karagiannis, Georgios; Jamakovic, Almerima; Edmonds, Andy; Parada, Carlos; Metsch, Thijs; Pichon, Dominique; Corici, Marius; Ruffino, Simone; Gomes, Andre; Crosta, Paolo Secondo; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2013Enhanced gateway selection for optimal routing in a distributed Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network
Katanekwa, Nicholas; Ventura, Neco; Vingarzan, Dragos; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
2013Network and control platforms
Corici, Marius; Müller, Julius; Vingarzan, Dragos; Magedanz, Thomas
Aufsatz in Buch
2013Unleashing the potential of virtualization by the right toolkits and open testbeds
Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas; Vingarzan, Dragos
2010Access network discovery and selection in the future broadband wireless environment
Corici, Marius; Fiedler, Jens; Magedanz, Thomas; Vingarzan, Dragos