Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Catalytic decomposition of biomass tars: The impact of wood char surface characteristics on the catalytic performance for naphthalene removal
Nestler, F.; Burhenne, L.; Amtenbrink, M.J.; Aicher, T.
2014Benzene removal over a fixed bed of wood char: The effect of pyrolysis temperature and activation with CO2 on the char reactivity
Burhenne, L.; Aicher, T.
2013Effect of feedstock water content and pyrolysis temperature on the structure and reactivity of spruce wood char produced in fixed bed pyrolysis
Burhenne, L.; Damiani, M.; Aicher, T.
2013The effect of the biomass components lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose on TGA and fixed bed pyrolysis
Burhenne, L.; Messmer, J.; Aicher, T.; Laborie, M.-P.
2013Fixed bed biomass gasification
Burhenne, L.
2013Der Fraunhofer ISE-Vergasungsprozess zur Produktion eines teerfreien Synthesegases
Burhenne, L.; Lintner, C.; Aicher, T.
Aufsatz in Buch
2013Technical demonstration of the novel Fraunhofer ISE biomass gasification process for the production of a tar-free synthesis gas
Burhenne, L.; Rochlitz, L.; Lintner, C.; Aicher, T.