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2021BNST and amygdala activation to threat: Effects of temporal predictability and threat mode
Siminski, N.; Böhme, S.; Zeller, J.B.M.; Becker, M.P.I.; Bruchmann, M.; Hofmann, D.; Breuer, F.; Mühlberger, A.; Schiele, M.A.; Weber, H.; Schartner, C.; Deckert, J.; Pauli, P.; Reif, A.; Domschke, K.; Straube, T.; Herrmann, M.J.
2020Feasibility of 4D T2* quantification in the lung with oxygen gas challenge in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Breuer, K.; Weick, S.; Ströhle, S.-P.; Breuer, F.A.; Kleine, P.; Veldhoen, S.; Richter, A.; Lapa, C.; Flentje, M.; Polat, B.
2019Full utilization of conjugate symmetry: Combining virtual conjugate coil reconstruction with partial Fourier imaging for g-factor reduction in accelerated MRI
Kettinger, A.O.; Setsompop, K.; Kannengiesser, S.A.R.; Breuer, F.A.; Vidnyanszky, Z.; Blaimer, M.
2019Simultaneous T1 and T2 measurements using inversion recovery TrueFISP with principle component-based reconstruction, off-resonance correction, and multicomponent analysis
Pfister, J.; Blaimer, M.; Kullmann, W.H.; Bartsch, A.J.; Jakob, P.M.; Breuer, F.A.
2018Controlling the object phase for g-factor reduction in phase-constrained parallel MRI using spatially selective RF pulses
Kettinger, Adam; Kannengiesser, Stephan; Breuer, Felix; Vidnyanszky, Zoltan; Blaimer, Martin
2018Increasing robustness of radial GRASE acquisition for SAR-reduced brain imaging
Okanovic, M.; Völker, M.; Trampel, R.; Breuer, F.; Jakob, P.; Blaimer, M.
2018Stable and efficient retrospective 4D-MRI using non-uniformly distributed quasi-random numbers
Breuer, K.; Meyer, C.B.; Breuer, F.A.; Richter, A.; Exner, F.; Weng, A.M.; Ströhle, S.; Polat, B.; Jakob, P.M.; Sauer, O.A.; Flentje, M.; Weick, S.
2018Time‐of‐flight MR‐angiography with a helical trajectory and slice‐super‐resolution reconstruction
Okanovic, M.; Hillig, B.; Breuer, F.; Jakob, P.; Blaimer, M.