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2020COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 infection: Lysosomes and lysosomotropism implicate new treatment strategies and personal risks
Blaess, M.; Kaiser, L.; Sauer, M.; Csuk, R.; Deigner, H.-P.
2020Metabolite patterns in human myeloid hematopoiesis result from lineage-dependent active metabolic pathways
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2019Derailed Ceramide Metabolism in Atopic Dermatitis (AD). A Causal Starting Point for a Personalized (Basic) Therapy
Blaess, Markus; Deigner, Hans-Peter
2019Focusing on derailed cellular ceramide metabolism fosters recovery of atopic dermatitis lesions and psoriasis plaques
Blaess, M.; Deigner, H.P.
2019Recovery of derailed ceramide metabolism in atopic dermatitis: a successful topical off-label use of amitriptyline combined with linoleic acid
Blaess, M.; Wenzel, F.; Deigner, H.P.
2018NB 06: From a simple lysosomotropic aSMase inhibitor to tools for elucidating the role of lysosomes in signaling apoptosis and LPS-induced inflammation
Blaess, Markus; Bibak, Nelly; Claus, Ralf A.; Kohl, Matthias; Bonaterra, Gabriel A.; Kinscherf, Ralf; Laufer, Stefan; Deigner, Hans-Peter
2015Stereospecific induction of apoptosis in tumor cells via endogenous C16-ceramide and distinct transcripts
Blaess, M.; Le, H.P.; Claus, R.A.; Kohl, M.; Deigner, H.-P.