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2018Radar Propagation Experiment in the North Sea: The Sylt Campaign
Danklmayer, A.; Förster, J.; Fabbro, V.; Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.; Colditz, P.; Castanet, L.; Hurtaud, Y.
2017Measurements of sea clutter at low grazing angle in mediterranean coastal environment
Fabbro, V.; Biegel, G.; Förster, J.; Poisson, J.; Danklmayer, A.; Böhler, C.; Marcellin, J.; Brehm, T.; Gallus, M.; Castanet, L.; Ulland, A.; Hurtaud, Y.
2016Analysis of radar sea clutter data acquired during the MARLENE measurement campaign
Poisson, J.-B.; Förster, J.; Böhler, C.O.; Gallus, M.; Ulland, A.; Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.; Danklmayer, A.; Hurtaud, Y.
2016Multifrequency RF-measurements and characterisation of propagation conditions in the maritime boundary layer
Danklmayer, A.; Förster, J.; Colditz, P.; Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.
2016North sea millimeterwave propagation experiment: The Sylt campaign
Dankmlayer, A.; Colditz, P.; Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.; Förster, J.
2015MARLENE: MediterraneAn RFC and sea cLutter ENvironmental Experiment
Fabbro, V.; Förster, J.; Biegel, G.; Böhler, C.O.; Gallus, M.; Ulland, A.; Brehm, T.; Marcellin, J.-P.; Boulanger, X.; Castanet, L.; Danklmayer, A.; Hurtaud, Y.
2015Millimeter wave propagation above the sea surface during the SQUIRREL campaign
Danklmayer, Andreas; Biegel, Gregor; Brehm, Thorsten; Sieger, Stefan; Förster, Jörg
2013Multi-frequency propagation measurements over a horizontal path above the sea surface in the Baltic Sea
Danklmayer, A.; Brehm, T.; Biegel, G.; Förster, J.
2012Clutter from mountain terrain at 94 GHz
Essen, H.; Sieger, S.; Biegel, G.; Maresch, A.; Danklmayer, A.
2012Retrieval of the atmospheric propagation conditions over the sea surface based on sea clutter measurements, Proceedings of the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Danklmayer, A.; Essen, H.; Biegel, G.; Förster, J.; Behn, M.; Hurtaud, Y.; Fabbro, V.; Castanet, L.
2011Change detection on millimeter-wave SAR images for C-IED applications
Asbach, Mark; Evangelidis, Georgios; Bauckhage, Christian; Essen, Helmut; Biegel, Gregor; Brehm, Thorsten; Sieger, Stefan
2011NAVRCS - a simulation tool for maritime targets under realistic conditions
Essen, H.; Fuchs, H.-H.; Biegel, G.; Lindqvist, G.
2011Shunting yard management using millimeter wave radar
Essen, H.; Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.; Sieger, S.; Thoennessen, U.; Schulz, C.
2009Verfahren zum Ausrichten der Heliostate eines Heliostatfeldes
Hoffschmidt, B.; Goettsche, J.; Sauerborn, M.; Essen, H.; Luedtke, G.; Biegel, G.
2008High Resolution Tower-Turntable ISAR with the Millimetre Wave Radar COBRA (35 / 94 / 220 GHz)
Essen, H.; Biegel, G.; Sommer, R.; Wahlen, A.; Johannes, W.; Wilcke, J.
2008Investigations on signatures of projectiles for sniper detection applications
Hommes, A.; Essen, H.; Knott, P.; Stanko, S.; Biegel, G.; Schröder, M.; Brauns, R.
2004Radar Signature Management using High Resolution 3D Monopulse Measurements
Biegel, G.; Essen, E.
2004Refractivity variability of the marine boundary layer and its impact on electromagnetic wave propagation
Förster, J.; Riechen, J.; Biegel, G.; Fuchs, H.-H.; Essen, H.
2004Validation of RCS Simulations with the Code CADRCS for mm-Wave Frequencies
Biegel, G.; Essen, E.; Brauns, R.
2002Determination of three-dimensional scattering center distributions by high resolution monopulse
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2002Implication of resolution enhancement in radar images on knowledge-based ATR algorithms
Brehm, T.; Biegel, G.; Essen, H.; Jäger, K.; Schwan, G.
2002Implications of resolution enhancement in radar images on knowledge-based ATR-algorithms
Biegel, G.; Brehm, T.; Essen, H.; Jäger, K.; Schwan, G.
2002On the scattering mechanism of power lines at millimeter-waves
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2000The Backscatter Behaviour of Lines at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
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2000Detection of power lines by millimeterwave SAR
Schimpf, H.; Böhmsdorff, S.; Essen, H.; Biegel, G.