Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Characterization of tin-oxides and tin-formate crystals obtained from SnAgCu solder alloy under formic acid vapor
Mokhtari, O.; Conti, F.; Bhogaraju, S.K.; Meier, M.; Schweigart, H.; Tetzlaff, U.; Elger, G.
2019Investigation of Thermomechanical Local Stress Induced in Assembled GaN LEDs
Brugnolotto, E.; Bhogaraju, S.K.; Liu, E.; Conti, F.; Pedron, D.; Signorini, R.; Elger, G.
2019Modelling Thermo-Mechanical Stress in GaN-LEDs Soldered on Copper Substrate with Simulations Validated by Raman Experiments
Liu, E.; Conti, F.; Signorini, R.; Brugnolotto, E.; Bhogaraju, S.K.; Elger, G.
2019Thermomechanical local stress in assembled GaN LEDs investigated by Raman optical spectroscopy
Signorini, R.; Conti, F.; Brugnolotto, E.; Pedron, D.; Liu, E.; Bhogaraju, S.K.; Elger, G.
2019Time Saving Averaging Algorithm for Transient Thermal Analyses over Deterministic Pulse Superposition
Schmid, M.; Hanss, A.; Bhogaraju, S.K.; Elger, G.