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2021Formation and thermal and colloidal stability of oil‐in‐water emulsions stabilized using quinoa and lentil protein blends
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Zannini, Emanuele; Bez, Jürgen; Arendt, Elke K.; O'Mahony, James A.
2021Formulation, pilot‐scale preparation, physicochemical characterization and digestibility of a lentil protein‐based model infant formula powder
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Barone, Giovanni; Waldron, David; Bez, Jürgen; Joehnke, Marcel Skejovic; Petersen, Iben Lykke; Zannini, Emanuele; Arendt, Elke K.; O'Mahony, James A.
2021Life cycle assessment of animal-based foods and plant-based protein-rich alternatives: An environmental perspective
Detzel, Andreas; Krüger, Martina; Busch, Mirjam; Blanco-Gutiérrez, Irene; Varela, Consuelo; Manners, Rhys; Bez, Jürgen; Zannini, Emanuele
2021Lupin Protein Isolate Structure Diversity in Frozen-Cast Foams: Effects of Transglutaminases and Edible Fats
Berger Ceresino, Elaine; Johansson, Eva; Sato, Hélia Harumi; Plivelic, Tomás S.; Hall, Stephen A.; Bez, Jürgen; Kuktaite, Ramune
2021Nutritional and anti-nutritional properties of lentil (Lens culinaris) protein isolates prepared by pilot-scale processing
Joehnke, M.S.; Jeske, S.; Ispiryan, L.; Zannini, E.; Arendt, E.K.; Bez, J.; Sörensen, J.C.; Petersen, I.L.
2021Nutritional and Rheological Features of Lentil Protein Isolate for Yoghurt-Like Application
Boeck, Theresa; Zannini, Emanuele; Sahin, Aylin W.; Bez, Juergen; Arendt, Elke K.
2020Combining high-protein ingredients from pseudocereals and legumes for the development of fresh high-protein hybrid pasta: enhanced nutritional profile
Hoehnel, A.; Bez, J.; Petersen, I.L.; Amarowicz, R.; Juśkiewicz, J.; Zannini, E.; Arendt, E.K.
2020Comparison of Faba Bean Protein Ingredients Produced Using Dry Fractionation and Isoelectric Precipitation
Vogelsang-O’Dwyer, Martin; Petersen, Iben Lykke; Joehnke, Marcel Skejovic; Sørensen, Jens Christian; Bez, Juergen; Detzel, Andreas; Busch, Mirjam; Krueger, Martina; O’Mahony, James A.; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2020Enhancing the nutritional profile of regular wheat bread while maintaining technological quality and adequate sensory attributes
Hoehnel, Andrea; Bez, Jürgen; Petersen, Iben Lykke; Amarowicz, Ryszard; Júskiewicz, Jerzy; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2020Leuconostoc citreum TR116 as a Microbial Cell Factory to Functionalise High-Protein Faba Bean Ingredients for Bakery Applications
Hoehnel, Andrea; Bez, Jürgen; Sahin, Aylin W.; Coffey, Aidan; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2020Physical and flow properties of pseudocereal-based protein-rich ingredient powders
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Zannini, Emanuele; Bez, Juergen; Arendt, Elke K.; O’Mahony, James A.
2020Protein-Rich Flours from Quinoa and Buckwheat Favourably Affect the Growth Parameters, Intestinal Microbial Activity and Plasma Lipid Profile of Rats
Fotschki, Bartosz; Júskiewicz, Jerzy; Jurgonski, Adam; Amarowicz, Ryszard; Opyd, Paulina; Bez, Jürgen; Muranyi, Isabel; Petersen, Iben Lykke; Laparra Llopis, Moisés
2020Techno-Functional, Nutritional and Environmental Performance of Protein Isolates from Blue Lupin and White Lupin
Vogelsang-O’Dwyer, Martin; Bez, Juergen; Petersen, Iben Lykke; Joehnke, Marcel Skejovic; Detzel, Andreas; Busch, Mirjam; Krueger, Martina; Ispiryan, Lilit; O’Mahony, James A.; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2020Texture, sensory properties and functionality of extruded snacks from pulses and pseudocereal proteins
Martin, Anna; Schmidt, Verena; Osen, Raffael; Bez, Jürgen; Ortner, Eva; Mittermaier, Stephanie
2020Thermal and Mineral Sensitivity of Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilised using Lentil Proteins
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Zannini, Emanuele; Bez, Juergen; Arendt, Elke K.; O'Mahony, James A.
2020Upcycling of brewer’s yeast - Application as material for encapsulating unstable liquid ingredients in the food industry
Eigenfeld, Marco; Kerpes, Roland; Bez, Jürgen; Becker, Thomas
2019Comparative analysis of plant-based high-protein ingredients and their impact on quality of high-protein bread
Hoehnel, Andrea; Axel, Claudia; Bez, Jürgen; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2019Formation, stability, and sensory characteristics of a lentil-based milk substitute as affected by homogenisation and pasteurisation
Jeske, Stephanie; Bez, Jürgen; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
2019Membrane filtration and isoelectric precipitation technological approaches for the preparation of novel, functional and sustainable protein isolate from lentils
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Jeske, Stephanie; Bez, Jürgen; Detzel, Andreas; Busch, Mirjam; Krueger, Martina; Wriessnegger, Clara Larissa; O'Mahony, James A.; Zannini, Emanuele; Arendt, Elke K.
2014Tasty and healthy gluten-free bakery products and pasta
Bez, Jürgen
2013Starch properties, in vitro digestibility and sensory evaluation of fresh egg pasta produced from oat, teff and wheat flour
Hager, A.-S.; Czerny, Michael; Bez, Jürgen; Zannini, E.; Arendt, E.K.
2012Costs of segregation and traceability between GM and non-GM supply chains of single crop and compound food/feed products
Menrad, K.; Gabriel, A.; Bez, J.; Gylling, M.; Larsen, A.; Maciejczak, M.; Stolze, M.; Gryson, N.; Eeckhout, M.; Pensel, N.; Rocha dos Santos, R.; Messéan, A.
Aufsatz in Buch
2012Empirical analysis of co-existence in commodity supply chains
Gryson, N.; Eeckhout, M.; Messéan, A.; Soler, L.-G.; Lécroart, B.; Trouillier, A.; Bail, M. le; Bez, J.; Bourgier, R.; Copeland, J.; Gylling, M.; Maciejczak, M.; Megli, V.; Menrad, K.; Gabriel, A.; Stolze, M.; Tapia, C.; Ghezan, G.; Pelaez, V.; Rocha dos Santos, R.
Aufsatz in Buch
2012Improvement of the Aroma of Pea (Pisum sativum) Protein Extracts by Lactic Acid Fermentation
Schindler, Sabrina; Zelena, Kateryna; Krings, Ulrich; Bez, Jürgen; Eisner, Peter; Berger, Ralf Günter
2012Investigation of product quality, sensory profile and ultrastructure of breads made from a range of commercial gluten-free flours compared to their wheat counterparts
Hager, Anna-Sophie; Wolter, Anika; Czerny, Mariko; Bez, Jürgen; Zannini, Emanuele; Arendt, Elke K.; Czerny, Michael
2012Lactic fermentation of legume extracts - the effect on sensory and technofunctional properties and their application in different food matrices
Toelstede, S.; Bez, J.; Back, W.; Klotzbücher, B.; Berger, R.G.
2011Can protein functionalities be enhanced by high-pressure homogenization? - A study on functional properties of lupin proteins
Bader, Stephanie; Bez, Jürgen; Eisner, Peter
2011Evaluation of the texturing properties of protein isolates from lupin, pea and soya in gluten-free white bread
Wild, F.; Mairinger, R.; Knittel, D.; Bez, J.
2011Lactic fermentation to improve the aroma of protein extracts of sweet lupin (Lupinus angustifolius)
Schindler, S.; Wittig, M.; Zelena, K.; Krings, U.; Bez, J.; Eisner, P.; Berger, R.G.
2008Fermentation mit Milchsäurebakterien zur sensorischen Verbesserung von Lupinen- und Erbsenproteinpräparaten
Bez, J.; Menner, M.; Schott, M.; Back, W.; Klotzbücher, B.; Berger, R.G.
2007Entfernung unerwuenschter Begleitstoffe aus Pflanzenproteinextrakten
Ruf, F.; Sohling, U.; Hasenkopf, K.; Eisner, P.; Müller, K.; Bez, J.; Pickardt, C.
2006Effect of different pasteurization conditions on bioactivities of Lupinus albus protein isolates
Yoshie-Stark, Y.; Bez, J.; Wäsche, A.
2006Optimization of a pilot-scale process for producing lupin protein isolates with valuable technological properties and minimum thermal damage
D'Agostina, A.; Antonioni, C.; Resta, D.; Arnoldi, A.; Bez, J.; Knauf, U.; Wäsche, A.
2005Application of lupin protein ingredients in muffins, biscuits and extruded snacks
Bez, J.; Schott, M.; Seger, A.
Back, W.; Boenisch, M.; Mueller, K.; Bez, J.; Waesche, A.
2005Lupin food ingredients and lupin-based food products
Knauf, U.; Seger, A.; Bagger, C.; Bez, J.
2005Production of lupin beverages
Seger, A.; Bez, J.
2005Protein isolates from full fat yellow lupin seed
Bagger, C.; Bez, J.; Sorensen, J.C.; Sorensen, H.
2005Protein isolates from sweet white lupin seeds: Pilot production and techno-functional properties
Bez, J.; Schott, M.; Knauf, U.; Resta, D.; D'Agostina, A.; Arnoldi, A.
2004Functional properties, lipoxygenase activity, and health aspects of lupinus albus protein isolates
Yoshie-Stark, Y.; Bez, J.; Wada, Y.; Wäsche, A.
2001Methanol aus Abfall. Ökobilanz bescheinigt gute Noten
Bez, J.; Goldhan, G.; Buttker, B.
2001Untersuchung zum Einsatz pflanzlicher Proteinpräparate als Stabilisatoren und Emulgatoren
Bez, J.
2001Verminderung von Abfallemissionen aus wasserintensiven Produktionsprozessen durch Membrantrennverfahren und biologische Reinigung. Papierabwasser. Zwischenbericht
Menner, M.; Bez, J.; Pauly, D.
1998Waste Treatment in Product Specific Life Cycle Inventories. An Approach of Material-Related Modelling. Part II: Sanitary Landfill
Bez, J.; Heyde, M.; Goldhan, G.
1996Ökobilanzen für Frischmilch (1 l)-Verkaufsverpackungen. Mehrweg-Glasflasche und Einweg-Getränkekarton. Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse
: Bez, J.; Heyde, M.
1993Mikrobiell-enzymatische Herstellung eines Käsekomplexaromas
Bez, J.; Brunner, M.; Luck, T.
1991Biologische Abluftreinigung. Tl.2. Reinigung einer industriellen formaldehydhaltigen Abluft im Technikumsmaßstab
Menner, M.; Bez, J.; Bronnemeier, R.