Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Adaptive transitions for automation in cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles
Diederichs, Frederik; Knauss, Alessia; Wilbrink, Marc; Lilis, Yannis; Chrysochoou, Evangelia; Anund, Anna; Bekiaris, Evangelos; Nikolaou, Stella; Finér, Svitlana; Zanovello, Luca; Maroudis, Pantelis; Krupenia, Stas; Absér, Andreas; Dimokas, Nikos; Apoy, Camilla; Karlsson, Johan; Larsson, Annika; Zidianakis, Emmanouil; Efa, Alexander; Widlroither, Harald; Dai, Mengnuo; Teichmann, Daniel; Sanatnama, Hamid; Wendemuth, Andreas; Bischoff, Sven
2020Creating informed public acceptance by a user-centered human-machine interface for all automated transport modes
Mathis, Lesley-Ann; Diederichs, Frederik; Widlroither, Harald; Ruscio, Daniele; Napoletano, Linda; Zofka, Marc Rene; Viehl, Alexander; Fröhlich, Peter; Friedrich, Johannes; Lindström, Anders; Thorslund, Birgitta; Litke, Antonis; Papadakis, Nikolaos; Bakalos, Nikolaos; Hernandez-Jayo, Unai; Espie, Stephane; Cavallo, Viola; Panou, Maria; Gaitanidou, Evangelia; Bekiaris, Evangelos
2012An application for the information of children according their school transportation
Kalogirou, Kostas; Chalkia, Eleni; Bekiaris, Evangelos; Diederichs, Frederik
2011Putting the Legos in place
Dangelmaier, Manfred; Wenzel, Günter; Gemou, Maria; Bekiaris, Evangelos; Wiethoff, Marion; Waard, Dick de; Brookhuis, Karel; Spruijtenburg, Ewoud; Marchau, Vincent
Aufsatz in Buch
2010Entwicklung eines gerechten MMS Konzepts für Fahrerassistenzsysteme für motorisierte Krafträder
Ganzhorn, M.; Diederichs, F.; Widlroither, H.; Bekiaris, E.; Nikolaou, S.; Montanari, R.; Spadoni, A.; Fontana, M.; Bencini, G.; Baldanzini, N.; Granelli, S.
2010SAFERIDER HMI strategies for motorcycles' ARAS and OBIS
Diederichs, Frederik; Ganzhorn, Melanie; Widlroither, Harald; Bekiaris, Evangelos; Nikolaou, Stella; Montanari, Roberto; Spadoni, Andrea; Fontana, Marco; Bencini, Giacomo; Baldanzini, Niccolò; Granelli, Sara
2007Development and application of a universal, multimodal hypovigilance-management-system
Hagenmeyer, L.; Hurk, P. van den; Nikolaou, S.; Bekiaris, E.
2007GOOD ROUTE HMI for actors involved in dangerous goods transportation
Santi, M.; Meinken, K.; Widlroither, H.; Bekiaris, E.
2007Introducing an innovative and efficient seat user interface for professional drivers
Amditis, A.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Bekiaris, E.; Sartor, S.; Ronnefahrt, J.; Dangelmaier, M.
2005Assessment of the usefulness and importance of ADAS' safety related functions for elderly drivers
Palma, F.; Hagenmeyer, L.; Bekiaris, E.; Panou, M.
2005HCI for collaborative systems and towards a self-explanatory environment
Bekiaris, E.; Panou, M.; Widlroither, H.; Bauer, W.
2005Preliminary guidelines for the personalization of the HMI of hypovigilance-management-systems
Hagenmeyer, L.; Marberger, C.; Bekiaris, E.; Nikolaou, S.
2005Towards guidelines for the development of HCI elements for drowsy operators in transportation and process control
Hagenmeyer, L.; Bekiaris, E.; Widlroither, H.
2004Safeguard seat
Hostens, I.; Amditis, A.; Stefani, O.; Dangelmaier, M.; Bekiaris, E.; Schaerli, H.; Bullinger, A.; Ramon, H.
2004The use of IST tools as a support and guide of the assessors of disabled drivers, based on CONSENSUS work
Panou, M.; Bekiaris, E.; Hagenmeyer, L.; Zoldan, C.
2003Novice drivers training in ADAS HMI
Panou, M.; Bekiaris, E.; Dolls, J.; Knoll, C.; Falkmer, T.
2002Application of simulation technique on ergonomy and user interface development for a combine harvester and a truck seat to meet driver's needs, within safeguard project
Bekiaris, E.; Amditis, A.; Sartor, S.; Dangelmaier, M.
2002Design of human machine interface for an advanced driver monitoring system
Bekiaris, E.; Haberhauer, M.; Dangelmaier, M.; Amditis, A.
2002Virtual prototyping and testing
Widlroither, H.; Dangelmaier, M.; Bekiaris, E.
2000Conceptualisation of the human-machine interface of an integrated driver monitoring and emergency handling system
Bekiaris, E.; Dangelmaier, M.
2000In-arte system to support the driver in extra-urban environment
Saroldi, A.; Lilli, F.; Tango, F.; Bekiaris, E.; Wevers, K.; Boverie, S.; Burns, P.; Widlroither, H.; Spigai, M.; Harms, L.; Martens, M.; Frese, T.
1999Control it by gestures: Results from a wizard of oz experiment in a smart home environment
Machate, J.; Bekiaris, E.; Nikolaou, S.
1997Conceptualisation of the human machine interface of an integrated driver monitoring and emergency handling system
Dangelmaier, M.; Boverie, S.; Bekiaris, E.
1997HEPHAISTOS. Home Environment Private Help AssiSTant fOr elderly and DiSabled
: Bekiaris, E.; Burmester, M.
1997Towards an intelligent multimodal and multimedia user interface providing a new dimension of natural HMI in the teleoperation of all home appliances by E & D users
Bekiaris, E.; Machate, J.; Burmester, M.
1993Existing aids for drivers with special needs and the introduction of telematics, classification requirements in the context of a systems approach
Naniopoulos, A.; Bekiaris, E.; Dangelmaier, M.; Pollmann, R.