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2021The peppermint breath test benchmarking for PTR-MS and SIFT-MS
Henderson, Ben; Slingers, Gitte; Pedrotti, Michele; Pugliese, Giovanni; Malásková, Michaela; Bryant, Luke; Lomonaco, Tommaso; Ghimenti, Silvia; Moreno, Sergi; Cordell, Rebecca; Harren, Frans J.M.; Schubert, Jochen; Mayhew, Chris A.; Wilde, Michael; Francesco, Fabio di; Koppen, Gudrun; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Cristescu, Simona A.
2020A benchmarking protocol for breath analysis: The peppermint experiment
Henderson, Ben; Ruszkiewicz, Dorota M.; Wilkinson, Max; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Cristescu, Simona M.; Fowler, Stephen J.; Salman, Dahlia; Francesco, Fabio di; Koppen, Gudrun; Langejürgen, Jens; Holz, Olaf; Hadjithekli, Andria; Moreno, Sergi; Pedrotti, Michele; Sinues, Pablo; Slingers, Gitte; Wilde, Michael; Lomonaco, Tommaso; Zanella, Dalphine; Zenobi, Ranato; Focant, Jean-François; Grassin-Delyle, Stanislas; Franchina, Flavio Antonio; Malásková, Michaela; Stefanuto, Pierre-Hugues; Pugliese, Giovanni; Mayhew, Christopher; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2020Breath biomarkers and the exposome
Pleil, Joachim D.; Stiegel, Matthew A.; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.
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2020Breath research in times of a global pandemic and beyond: The game changer
Pleil, Joachim D.; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Dweik, Read A.; Risby, Terence H.
2020Breath sampling and standardization
Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Miekisch, Wolfram
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2020Factors affecting flavor perception in space: Does the spacecraft environment influence food intake by astronauts?
Taylor, Andrew J.; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Briand, Loic; Heer, Martina; Hummel, Thomas; Margot, Christian; McGrane, Scott; Pieters, Serge; Pittia, Paola; Spence, Charles
2020Proton transfer reaction - mass spectrometry
Mayhew, Christopher A.; Herbig, Jens; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.
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2020The scientific rationale for the use of simple masks or improvised facial coverings to trap exhaled aerosols and possibly reduce the breathborne spread of COVID-19
Pleil, Joachim D.; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Risby, Terence H.; Dweik, Raed A.
2020Volatile emissions from skin
Nylander-French, Leena A.; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Pleil, Joachim D.
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2019Sex, Smoke, and Spirits: The Role of Chemistry
: Guthrie, Brian; Beauchamp, Jonathan D.; Buettner, Andrea; Toth, Stephen; Qian, Michael C.