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2021In Situ Synthesis of Graphene Nitride Nanolayers on Glycerol-Lubricated Si3N4 for Superlubricity Applications
Long, Y.; Kuwahara, T.; Barros Bouchet, M.-I. de; Ristić, A.; Dörr, N.; Lubracht, T.; Dupuy, L.; Moras, G.; Martin, J.M.; Moseler, M.
2021Interplay of mechanics and chemistry governs wear of diamond-like carbon coatings interacting with ZDDP-additivated lubricants
Salinas Ruiz, V.R.; Kuwahara, T.; Galipaud, J.; Masenelli-Varlot, K.; Ben Hassine, M.; Héau, C.; Stoll, M.; Mayrhofer, L.; Moras, G.; Martin, J.M.; Moseler, M.; Barros Bouchet, M.-I. de
2021Superlow friction of a-C:H coatings in vacuum: Passivation regimes and structural characterization of the sliding interfaces
Kuwahara, T.; Long, Y.; Barros Bouchet, M.-I. de; Martin, J.M.; Moras, G.; Moseler, M.
2018Advanced analytical methods in tribology
: Dienwiebel, M.; Barros Bouchet, M.-I. de