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2020The disturbed iron phenotype of tumor cells and macrophages in renal cell carcinoma influences tumor growth
Schnetz, M.; Meier, J.K.; Rehwald, C.; Mertens, C.; Urbschat, A.; Tomat, E.; Akam, E.A.; Baer, P.; Roos, F.C.; Brüne, B.; Jung, M.
2020Fiber Bragg gratings in active multimode XLMA fibers for high-power kW-class fiber lasers
Klein, S.; Giesberts, M.; Baer, P.; Raguse, M.; Fitzau, O.; Traub, M.; Hoffmann, H.-D.; Krause, V.; Rehmann, G.
2020Investigations on single-mode fibers with rectangular core geometry
Baer, Patrick; Giesberts, Martin; Fitzau, Oliver
2020The iron load of lipocalin-2 (LCN-2) defines its pro-tumour function in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma
Rehwald, C.; Schnetz, M.; Urbschat, A.; Mertens, C.; Meier, J.K.; Bauer, R.; Baer, P.; Winslow, S.; Roos, F.C.; Zwicker, K.; Huard, A.; Weigert, A.; Brüne, B.; Jung, M.
2019Design and fabrication of a fused 7 × 1 35/50 µm into 125/250 µm fiber combiner
Baer, P.; Cebeci, P.; Giesberts, M.; Fitzau, O.
2019Improvement of the manufacturing process chain of sintered active XLMA fibers and their preforms for use in high power, high efficiency fiber resonators
Langner, A.; Moser, F.; Plass, J.; Schönfeld, D.; Schötz, G.; Brabant, T.; Kuka, G.; Giesberts, M.; Baer, P.; Klein, S.; Fitzau, O.; Hoffmann, H.D.; Rehmann, G.; Krause, V.