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2020EvoRec: Simulation and optimization of solar tower receivers based on annual performance assessment with ANN and evolutionary algorithms
Schöttl, P.; Gunturu, S.; Zoschke, T.; Bern, G.; Fluri, T.; Heimsath, A.; Nitz, P.
Conference Paper
2019Lesson learned during the designing and construction phases of the ORC-PLUS thermal energy storage system of 20 MWh
Gaggioli, W.; Bennouna, E.G.; Agalit, H.; Prati, A.; Lino, R.; Faik, A.; Fluri, T.; Karl, M.; Zoschke, T.
Conference Paper
2019Performance Assessment of a Secondary Concentrator for Solar Tower External Receivers
Schöttl, P.; Zoschke, T.; Frantz, C.; Gilon, Y.; Heimsath, A.; Fluri, T.
Conference Paper
2019Techno-Economic Assessment of New Material Developments in Central Receiver Solar Power Plants
Zoschke, T.; Frantz, C.; Schöttl, P.; Fluri, T.; Uhlig, R.
Conference Paper
2019Validation of Thermocline Storage Model with Experimental Data of a Laboratory-Scale Molten Salt Test Facility
Zoschke, T.; Karl, M.; Fluri, T.; Müller, R.
Conference Paper
2018Hybrid system for concentrating solar power and energy from waste integration
Kamir, E.C.A.; Zoschke, T.; Horta, P.; Bazzo, E.
Conference Paper
2018Parabolic trough plant performance in China with focus on comparison of heat transfer fluids HELISOL®5A and Therminol® VP-1
Zoschke, T.; Rohani, S.; Fluri, T.; Hu, Q.; Fang, Q.
Conference Paper
2018Techno-Economic Evaluation and Optimization of CSP Plants with ColSimCSP
Rohani, S.; Fluri, T.; Zoschke, T.
2017Evaluation of different operating strategies to integrate storage in a linear fresnel ORC power plant
Zoschke, Theda; Seubert, Bernhard; Fluri, Thomas
Conference Paper