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2007Imaging of focal contacts of chicken heart muscle cells by high-frequency acoustic microscopy
Weiss, E.C.; Lemor, R.M.; Pilarczyk, G.; Anastasiadis, P.; Zinin, P.V.
Journal Article
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Weiss, E.C.; Anastasiadis, P.; Pilarczyk, G.; Lemor, R.M.; Zinin, P.V.
Journal Article
2007Variation of the sound attenuation inside HeLa cells during cell division using high-frequency time-resolved acoustic microscope
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Conference Paper
2006Combined FIB technique with acoustic microscopy to detect steel-DLC interface defects
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Journal Article
2006Mechanical properties of HeLa cells at different stages of cell cycle by time-resolved acoustic microscope
Zinin, P.V.; Weiss, E.C.; Anastasiadis, P.; Lemor, R.M.
Journal Article
2004Acoustic microscopy, brillouin scattering and laser-SAW technique for defect characterization in DLC films
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article
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Conference Paper