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2019New approaches for the detection of invasive fungal diseases in patients following liver transplantation - results of an observational clinical pilot study
Decker, Sebastian O.; Krüger, Albert; Wilk, Henryk; Grumaz, Silke; Vainshtein, Yevhen; Schmitt, Felix C.F.; Uhle, Florian; Bruckner, Thomas; Zimmermann, Stefan; Mehrabi, Arianeb; Mieth, Markus; Weiss, Karl Heinz; Weigand, Markus A.; Hofer, Stefan; Sohn, Kai; Brenner, Thorsten
Journal Article
2016A dual center study to compare breath volatile organic compounds from smokers and non-smokers with and without COPD
Gaida, Arne; Holz, Olaf; Nell, Christoph; Schuchardt, Sven; Lavae-Mokhtari, Bianca; Kruse, Lena; Boas, Ursula; Langejuergen, Jens; Allers, Maria; Zimmermann, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Measurement of exhaled volatile organic compounds from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using closed gas loop GC-IMS and GC-APCI-MS
Allers, Maria; Langejuergen, Jens; Gaida, Arne; Holz, Olaf; Schuchardt, Sven; Hohlfeld, Jens M.; Zimmermann, Stefan
Journal Article
2014The effect of flow rate on the level of volatile organic compounds (voc) in exhaled breath
Holz, Olaf; Gaida, Arne; Schuchardt, Sven; Langejuergen, Jens; Zimmermann, Stefan; Hohlfeld, Jens Michael