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2019Thermoelectric properties of silicon and recycled silicon sawing waste
He, R.; Heyn, W.; Thiel, F.; Pérez, N.; Damm, C.; Pohl, D.; Rellinghaus, B.; Reimann, C.; Beier, M.; Friedrich, J.; Zhu, H.; Ren, Z.; Nielsch, K.; Schierning, G.
Journal Article
2018Konzipierung und Umsetzung eines Automotive Ethernet-MAC IP-Cores
Zhu, Hailong
: Hildebrandt, Ralf (Betreuer); Fischer, Wolf-Joachim (Gutachter)
2018Machine learning applications in head and neck radiation oncology
Elhalawani, H.; Lin, T.A.; Volpe, S.; Mohamed, A.S.R.; White, A.L.; Zafereo, J.; Wong, A.J.; Berends, J.E.; AboHashem, S.; Williams, B.; Aymard, J.M.; Kanwar, A.; Perni, S.; Rock, C.D.; Cooksey, L.; Campbell, S.; Yang, P.; Nguyen, K.; Ger, R.B.; Cardenas, C.E.; Fave, X.J.; Sansone, C.; Piantadosi, G.; Marrone, S.; Liu, R.; Huang, C.; Yu, K.; Li, T.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, H.; Morris, J.S.; Baladandayuthapani, V.; Shumway, J.W.; Ghosh, A.; Pöhlmann, A.; Phoulady, H.A.; Goyal, V.; Canahuate, G.; Marai, G.E.; Vock, D.; Lai, S.Y.; Mackin, D.S.; Court, L.E.; Freymann, J.; Farahani, K.; Kaplathy-Cramer, J.; Fuller, C.D.
Journal Article
2017Tensile and fatigue investigations of timber joints with glued-in FRP rods
Myslicki, Sebastian; Tannert, Thomas; Zhu, Hong; Walther, Frank; Vallée, Till
Journal Article
2016Crowdsourced estimation of cognitive decline and resilience in Alzheimer's disease
Allen, G.I.; Amoroso, N.; Anghel, C.; Balagurusamy, V.; Bare, C.J.; Beaton, D.; Bellotti, R.; Bennett, D.A.; Boehme, K.L.; Boutros, P.C.; Caberlotto, L.; Caloian, C.; Campbell, F.; Chaibub Neto, E.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chen, B.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chien, T.-Y.; Clark, T.; Das, S.; Davatzikos, C.; Deng, J.; Dillenberger, D.; Dobson, R.J.B.; Dong, Q.; Doshi, J.; Duma, D.; Errico, R.; Erus, G.; Everett, E.; Fardo, D.W.; Friend, S.H.; Fröhlich, H.; Gan, J.; St George-Hyslop, P.; Ghosh, S.S.; Glaab, E.; Green, R.C.; Guan, Y.; Hong, M.-Y.; Huang, C.; Hwang, J.; Ibrahim, J.; Inglese, P.; Iyappan, A.; Jiang, Q.; Katsumata, Y.; Kauwe, J.S.K.; Klein, A.; Kong, D.; Krause, R.; Lalonde, E.; Lauria, M.; Lee, E.; Lin, X.; Liu, Z.; Livingstone, J.; Logsdon, B.A.; Lovestone, S.; Ma, T.-W.; Malhotra, A.; Mangravite, L.M.; Maxwell, T.J.; Merrill, E.; Nagorski, J.; Namasivayam, A.; Narayan, M.; Naz, M.; Newhouse, S.J.; Norman, T.C.; Nurtdinov, R.N.; Oyang, Y.-J.; Pawitan, Y.; Peng, S.; Peters, M.A.; Piccolo, S.R.; Praveen, P.; Pr
Journal Article
2014Timber joints with glued-in FRP rods
Tannert, T.; Faghani, P.; Zhu, H.; Garekani, A.; Vallee, T.
Conference Paper
20119-alkylidene-9H-fluorene-containing polymer for high-efficiency polymer solar cells
Du, C.; Li, C.; Li, W.; Chen, X.; Bo, Z.; Veit, C.; Ma, Z.; Würfel, U.; Zhu, H.; Hu, W.; Zhang, F.
Journal Article
2011Access networks. 5th International ICST Conference on Access Networks, AccessNets 2010 and First International Workshop on Automatic Networking and Self-Management in Access Networks, Selfmagicnets 2010. Revised selected papers
: Szabó, Róbert (Ed.); Zhu, Hua (Ed.); Imre, Sándor (Ed.); Chaparadza, Ranganai (Ed.)
Conference Proceedings
2009Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Digitale Produktion
Zhu, H.; Eckstein, H.
Conference Paper
2008Scalable mobile web service discovery in peer to peer networks
Srirama, S.N.; Jarke, M.; Prinz, W.; Zhu, H.
Conference Paper
2007Characterization and modeling of aluminum extrusion damage under crash loading
Che, H.-Y.; Zhu, L.; Sun, D.-Z.; Chen, J.-H.; Zhu, H.
Journal Article