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2021Influence of the Modulation of the Protein Corona on Gene Expression Using Polyethylenimine (PEI) Polyplexes as Delivery Vehicle
Zhu, D.; Yan, H.; Zhou, Z.; Tang, J.; Liu, X.; Hartmann, R.; Parak, W.J.; Shen, Y.; Feliu, N.
Journal Article
2021Stimulation of Local Cytosolic Calcium Release by Photothermal Heating for Studying Intra- and Intercellular Calcium Waves
Zhu, D.; Feng, L.; Feliu, N.; Guse, A.H.; Parak, W.J.
Journal Article
2021X-ray-Based Techniques to Study the Nano-Bio Interface
Sanchez-Cano, C.; Alvarez-Puebla, R.A.; Abendroth, J.M.; Beck, T.; Blick, R.; Cao, Y.; Caruso, F.; Chakraborty, I.; Chapman, H.N.; Chen, C.; Cohen, B.E.; Conceição, A.L.C.; Cormode, D.P.; Cui, D.; Dawson, K.A.; Falkenberg, G.; Fan, C.; Feliu, N.; Gao, M.; Gargioni, E.; Glüer, C.-C.; Grüner, F.; Hassan, M.; Hu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Huber, S.; Huse, N.; Kang, Y.; Khademhosseini, A.; Keller, T.F.; Körnig, C.; Kotov, N.A.; Koziej, D.; Liang, X.-J.; Liu, B.; Liu, S.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Liz-Marzan, L.M.; Ma, X.; Machicote, A.; Maison, W.; Mancuso, A.P.; Megahed, S.; Nickel, B.; Otto, F.; Palencia, C.; Pascarelli, S.; Pearson, A.; Penate-Medina, O.; Qi, B.; Rädler, J.; Richardson, J.J.; Rosenhahn, A.; Rothkamm, K.; Rübhausen, M.; Sanyal, M.K.; Schaak, R.E.; Schlemmer, H.-P.; Schmidt, M.; Schmutzler, O.; Schotten, T.; Schulz, F.; Sood, A.K.; Spiers, K.M.; Staufer, T.; Stemer, D.M.; Stierle, A.; Sun, X.; Tsakanova, G.; Weiss, P.S.; Weller, H.; Westermeier, F.; Xu, M.; Yan, H.; Zeng, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhu, D.;
2020Development of Silica-Based Biodegradable Submicrometric Carriers and Investigating Their Characteristics as in Vitro Delivery Vehicles
Zyuzin, M.V.; Zhu, D.; Parak, W.J.; Feliu, N.; Escudero, A.
Journal Article
2019Remotely controlled opening of delivery vehicles and release of cargo by external triggers
Zhu, Dingcheng; Roy, Sathi; Liu, Ziyao; Weller, Horst; Parak, Wolfgang J.; Feliu, Neus
Journal Article
2018Effects of water, alkali solution and temperature ageing on water absorption, morphology and mechanical properties of natural FRP composites
Ma, Gao; Yan, Libo; Shen, Wenkai; Zhu, Deju; Huang, Liang; Kasal, Bohumil
Journal Article
2016Compressive behavior of concrete confined by CFRP and transverse spiral reinforcement. Pt.A: Experimental study
Yin, Peng; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Zhu, Deju
Journal Article
2015Compressive behavior of concrete confined with GFRP tubes and steel spirals
Huang, Liang; Sun, Xiaoxun; Yan, Libo; Zhu, Deju
Journal Article
2006Solving freeform constraint satisfaction problems for virtual styling
Zhu, D.
: Brunetti, G. (Prüfer)