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2021A new retrofitting strategy for the improvement of indoor environment quality and energy efficiency in residential buildings in temperate climate using prefabricated elements
Pungercar, V.; Zhan, Q.; Xiao, Y.; Musso, F.; Dinkel, A.; Pflug, T.
Journal Article
2007Micro- and nano-NDE for micro-electronics (back end)
Wolter, K.-J.; Oppermann, M.; Heuer, H.; Köhler, B.; Schubert, F.; Netzelmann, U.; Krüger, P.; Zhan, Q.; Meyendorf, N.
Conference Paper
2004High-resolution nondestructive evaluation at the center for materials diagnosis
Meyendorf, N.; Sathish, S.; Druffner, C.; Blackshire, J.; Hoffmann, J.; Zhan, Q.; Andrews, R.
Conference Paper