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2020Mammalian cell-free protein expression promotes the functional characterization of the tripartite non-hemolytic enterotoxin from Bacillus cereus
Ramm, F.; Dondapati, S.K.; Thoring, L.; Zemella, A.; Wüstenhagen, D.A.; Frentzel, H.; Stech, M.; Kubick, S.
Journal Article
2019Eukaryotic cell-free systems: A novel platform technology for production and functional characterization of pore-forming toxins
Ramm, F.; Dondapati, S.K.; Zemella, A.; Thoring, L.; Stech, M.; Kubick, S.
2019Functional reconstitution of membrane proteins derived from eukaryotic cell-free systems
Dondapati, S.K.; Lübberding, H.; Zemella, A.; Thoring, L.; Wüstenhagen, D.A.; Kubick, S.
Journal Article
2018Cell-free protein synthesis as a novel tool for directed glycoengineering of active erythropoietin
Zemella, A.; Thoring, L.; Hoffmeister, C.; Samalikova, M.; Ehren, P.; Wüstenhagen, D.A.; Kubick, S.
Journal Article
2017Production of G protein-coupled receptors in an insect-based cell-free system
Sonnabend, A.; Spahn, V.; Stech, M.; Zemella, A.; Stein, C.; Kubick, S.
Journal Article
2017Qualifying a eukaryotic cell-free system for fluorescence based GPCR analyses
Zemella, Anne; Grossmann, Solveig; Sachse, Rita; Sonnabend, Andrei; Schäfer, Michael; Kubick, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Cell-free protein synthesis: Pros and cons of prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. Review
Zemella, Anne; Thoring, Lena; Hoffmeister, Christian; Kubick, Stefan
Journal Article