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2012Transcription factor Efg1 shows a haploinsufficiency phenotype in modulating the cell wall architecture and immunogenicity of Candida albicans
Zavrel, M.; Majer, O.; Kuchler, K.; Rupp, S.
Journal Article
2011Adaptation, adhesion and invasion during interaction of Candida albicans with the host. Focus on the function of cell wall proteins
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Journal Article
2011Biofilm formation and adhesive/invasive properties of Candida dubliniensis in comparison with Candida albicans
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Journal Article
2010Characterization of Candida albicans genes involved in cell wall biogenesis and infection
Zavrel, M.
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Schwendt, T.; Michalik, C.; Zavrel, M.; Dennig, A.; Spiess, A.C.; Poprawe, R.; Janzen, C.
Journal Article
2010PHR1, a pH-regulated gene of Candida albicans encoding a glucan-remodelling enzyme, is required for adhesion and invasion
Calderon, J.; Zavrel, M.; Ragni, E.; Fonzi, W.A.; Rupp, S.; Popolo, L.
Journal Article
2009Characterization of genes encoding for cell surface proteins induced during hostpathogen interaction
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Conference Paper
2008Model discrimination for the propionic acid diffusion into hydrogel beads using lifetime confocal laser scanning microscopy
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Journal Article