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2015On the Extended Finite Element Method for the Elasto-Plastic Deformation of Heterogeneous Materials
Zangmeister, T.
2014A three-dimensional realistic microstructure model of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites
Zhang, X.X.; Zhang, Q.; Zangmeister, T.; Xiao, B.L.; Andrä, H.; Ma, Z.Y.
Journal Article
2014Zur Simulation von Klebeverbindungen für Scheibenbauteile mit Level-Set-Funktionen und erweiterter Finite-Elemente-Methode
Andrä, H.; Shklyar, I.; Schneider, M.; Zangmeister, T.
Book Article
2013Comparison of XFEM and voxelbased FEM for the approximation of discontinuous stress and strain at material interfaces
Zangmeister, T.; Andrä, H.; Müller, R.
Journal Article
2012Multi-scale simulation of viscoelastic fiber-reinforced composites
Staub, S.; Andrä, H.; Kabel, M.; Zangmeister, T.
Journal Article
2011New findings on the usage of logistic regression in accident data analysis
Kreiß, J.-P.; Zangmeister, T.
Conference Paper
2011Quantification of the effectiveness of a safety function in passenger vehicles on the basis of real-world accident data
Kreiss, J.-P.; Zangmeister, T.
2009The evaluation of the safety benefits of combined passive and on-board active safety applications
Page, Y.; Cuny, S.; Zangmeister, T.; Kreiß, J.-P.; Hermitte, T.
Journal Article
2009Evaluation of the safety benefits of passive and/or on-board active safety applications with mass accident data-bases
Zangmeister, T.; Kreiß, J.-P.; Page, Y.; Cuny, S.
Conference Paper