Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Copper-surface-mediated synthesis of acetylenic carbon-rich nanofibers for active metal-free photocathodes
Zhang, Tao; Hou, Yang; Dzhagan, Volodymyr M.; Liao, Zhongquan; Chai, Guoliang; Löffler, Markus; Olianas, Davide; Milani, Alberto; Xu, Shunqi; Tommasini, Matteo; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Zheng, Zhikun; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Jordan, Rainer Andreas; Feng, Xinliang
Journal Article
2017Microfluidic setup for on-line SERS monitoring using laser induced nanoparticle spots as SERS active substrate
Buja, Oana-M.; Gordan, Ovidiu D.; Leopold, Nicolae; Morschhauser, A.; Nestler, J.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.
Journal Article
2016High-resolution inkjet printing of conductive carbon nanotube twin lines utilizing evaporation-driven self-assembly
Dinh, Nghia Trong; Sowade, Enrico; Blaudeck, T.; Hermann, S.; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Schulz, S.E.; Baumann, R.R.; Kanoun, Olfa
Journal Article
2014Chemical post-treatment and thermoelectric properties of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxylthiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) thin films
Luo, J.; Billep, D.; Blaudeck, T.; Sheremet, E.; Rodriguez, R.D.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Toader, M.; Hietschold, M.; Otto, T.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2014Interface Resistance of Carbon-Nanotube-Based Interconnects
Fiedler, H.; Toader, Marius; Hermann, S.; Rennau, M.; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Sheremet, E.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Hietschold, Michael; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2014Raman spectroscopy study of the interaction of gold nanoparticles with carbon-nanotubefield-effect transistors
Kalbacova, Jana; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Blaudeck, T.; Hermann, S.; Sheremet, E.; Adner, David; Lang, Heinrich; Schulz, S.E.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.
Conference Paper
2014Stress Analysis on Cu Through-Silicon Vias with Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
Bayat, Parisa; Vogel, D.; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Sheremet, E.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Rzepka, S.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2014Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes
Sheremet, E.; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Krayev, A.; Kalbacova, Jana; Hermann, S.; Schulz, S.E.; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.
Conference Paper