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2018Situational Awareness in Virtual Networks: The ASTRID Approach
Carrega, A.; Repetto, M.; Risso, F.; Covaci, S.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Giannetsos, T.; Toscano, O.
Conference Paper
2017Challenges and opportunities in renovating public sector information by enabling linked data and analytics
Mouzakitis, Spiros; Papaspyros, Dimitris; Petychakis, Michael; Koussouris, Sotirios; Zafeiropoulos, Anastasios; Fotopoulou, Eleni; Farid, Lena; Orlandi, Fabrizio; Attard, Judie; Psarras, John
Journal Article
2016Embedding security and privacy into the development and operation of cloud applications and services
Tran, Thanh Quang; Covaci, Stefan; Magedanz, Thomas; Gouvas, Panagiotis; Zafeiropoulos, Anastasios
Conference Paper
2011Standardizing a reference model and autonomic network architectures for the self-managing future internet
Wadczak, M.; Meriem, T.B.; Radier, B.; Chaparadza, R.; Quinn, K.; Kielthy, J.; Lee, B.; Ciavaglia, L.; Tsagkaris, K.; Szott, S.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Liakopoulos, A.; Kousaridas, A.; Duault, M.
Journal Article
2010Applying distributed monitoring techniques in autonomic networks
Liakopoulos, A.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Marinos, C.; Grammatikou, M.; Tcholtchev, N.; Gouvas, P.
Conference Paper
2010Monitoring within an autonomic network: A GANA based network monitoring framework
Zafeiropoulos, A.; Liakopoulos, A.; Davy, A.; Chaparadza, R.
Conference Paper
2009ETSI industry specification group on autonomic network engineering for the self-managing future internet (ETSI ISG AFI)
Chaparadza, R.; Ciavaglia, L.; Wodczak, M.; Chen, C.-C.; Lee, B.A.; Liakopoulos, A.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Mancini, E.; Mulligan, U.; Davy, A.; Quinn, K.; Radier, B.; Alonistioti, N.; Kousaridas, A.; Demestichas, P.; Tsagkaris, K.; Vigoureux, M.; Vreck, L.; Wilson, M.; Ladid, L.
Conference Paper