Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Identification of Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 3CL-Pro Enzymatic Activity Using a Small Molecule in Vitro Repurposing Screen
Kuzikov, M.; Costanzi, E.; Reinshagen, J.; Esposito, F.; Vangeel, L.; Wolf, M.; Ellinger, B.; Claussen, C.; Geisslinger, G.; Corona, A.; Iaconis, D.; Talarico, C.; Manelfi, C.; Cannalire, R.; Rossetti, G.; Gossen, J.; Albani, S.; Musiani, F.; Herzog, K.; Ye, Y.; Giabbai, B.; Demitri, N.; Jochmans, D.; Jonghe, S.D.; Rymenants, J.; Summa, V.; Tramontano, E.; Beccari, A.R.; Leyssen, P.; Storici, P.; Neyts, J.; Gribbon, P.; Zaliani, A.
Journal Article
2021Overview of the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard and its Applications
Bross, B.; Wang, Y.; Ye, Y.; Liu, S.; Chen, J.; Sullivan, G.J.; Ohm, J.
Journal Article
2020Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on the Joint Call for Proposals on Video Compression with Capability beyond HEVC
Boyce, J.M.; Chen, J.; Ohm, J.-R.; Sullivan, G.J.; Wiegand, T.; Ye, Y.
2018Sensorintegration in generativ gefertigte Werkzeuge
Ye, Yin
: Kordaß, Richard
Master Thesis
2017In vivo T2* weighted MRI visualizes cardiac lesions in murine models of acute and chronic viral myocarditis
Helluy, Xavier; Sauter, Martina; Ye, Yu-Xiang; Lykowsky, Gunthard; Kreutner, Jakob; Yilmaz, Ali; Jahns, Roland; Boivin, Valerie; Kandolf, Reinhard; Jakob, Peter M.; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Klingel, Karin
Journal Article
2016Efficient 3D reflection symmetry detection: A view-based approach
Li, B.; Johan, H.; Ye, Y.X.; Lu, Y.J.
Journal Article
2014Efficient view-based 3D reflection symmetry detection
Li, Bo; Johan, Henry; Ye, Yuxiang; Lu, Yijuan
Conference Paper
2013Chemical densification of oxide based coatings for high temperature wear and corrosion resistance
Masset, P.J.; Faulstich, M.; Fehr, K.T.; Weih, C.; Wolf, G.; Ye, Y.
Conference Paper
2012Deposition of hexagonal boron nitride from N-trimethylborazine (TMB) for continuous CVD coating of SiBNC fibers
Ye, Yaping; Graupner, Uta; Krüger, Reinhard
Journal Article
2011Hexagonal boron nitride from a borazine precursor for coating of SiBNC fibers using a continuous atmospheric pressure CVD process
Ye, Y.; Graupner, U.; Krüger, R.
Journal Article
2010On operating shared-path-protected WDM networks non-revertively by using backup path reprovisioning
Ni, W.; Patzak, E.; Schlosser, M.; Ye, Y.; Zhang, H.
Conference Paper
2010Survivable mapping with maximal physical-layer failure-localization potential in IP over transparent optical networks
Ni, W.; Ye, Y.; Schlosser, M.; Patzak, E.; Zhang, H.
Conference Paper
2000High throughput, high quality dry etching of copper/barrier film stacks
Markert, M.; Bertz, A.; Gessner, T.; Ye, Y.; Zhao, A.; Ma, D.
Journal Article