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2002Surface electrical potential of the aligning polymer substrates and dielectric properties of LC layers
Kravchuk, R.; Yaroshchuk, O.; Kovalchuk, O.; Karageorgiev, P.; Stiller, B.; Stumpe, J.
Conference Paper
20013D orientational order in a homologous series of polyesters with azobenzene side groups and different lengths of the alkylene spacer in the main chain
Zakrevskyy, Y.; Yaroshchuk, O.; Stumpe, J.; Lindau, J.; Sergan, T.; Kelly, J.
Journal Article
2001Spatial reorientation of azobenzene side groups of a liquid crystalline polymer induced by linearly polarized light
Yaroshchuk, O.; Kiselev, A.D.; Zakrevskyy, Y.; Stumpe, J.; Lindau, J.
Journal Article