Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Cash, Cards or Cryptocurrencies? A Study of Payment Culture in Four Countries
Busse, K.; Tahaei, M.; Krombholz, K.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Smith, M.; Tian, J.; Xu, W.
Conference Paper
2020VisDrone-CC2020: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
Du, D.; Wen, L.; Zhu, P.; Fan, H.; Hu, Q.; Ling, H.; Shah, M.; Pan, J.; Al-Ali, A.; Mohamed, A.; Imene, B.; Dong, B.; Zhang, B.; Nesma, B.H.; Xu, C.; Duan, C.; Castiello, C.; Mencar, C.; Liang, D.; Krüger, F.; Vessio, G.; Castellano, G.; Wang, J.; Gao, J.; Abualsaud, K.; Ding, L.; Zhao, L.; Cianciotta, M.; Saqib, M.; Almaadeed, N.; Elharrouss, O.; Lyu, P.; Wang, Q.; Liu, S.; Qiu, S.; Pan, S.; Al-Maadeed, S.; Khan, S.D.; Khattab, T.; Han, T.; Golda, T.; Xu, W.; Bai, X.; Xu, X.; Li, X.; Zhao, Y.; Tian, Y.; Lin, Y.; Xu, Y.; Yao, Y.; Xu, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Luo, Z.; Wei, Z.; Zhao, Z.
Conference Paper
2019Guest Editorial Joint Special Section on Power Conversion & Control in Photovoltaic Power Plants
Johnson, B.; Chang, L.; Afridi, K.; Ali, M.H.; Appen, J. von; Chen, Y.-M.; Davoudi, A.; Dhople, S.; Enslin, J.H.; Flicker, J.; Islam, R.; Koutroulis, E.; Kim, K.A.; Li, Y.; Liserre, M.; Long, T.; Lu, X.; Mattavelli, P.; Rodriguez, P.; Ruan, X.; Suntio, T.; Wang, H.; Xu, D.; Xu, W.; Yazdani, A.; Zeineldin, H.; Zhu, J.
2018Power-minimization and energy-reduction autonomous navigation of an omnidirectional Mecanum robot via the dynamic window approach local trajectory planning
Xie, Lie; Henkel, Christian; Stol, Karl; Xu, Weilang
Journal Article
2017Radio resource management considerations for 5G millimeter wave backhaul and access networks
Li, Y.; Pateromichelakis, E.; Vucic, N.; Luo, J.; Xu, W.; Caire, G.
Journal Article
2016Energy Efficient Dynamic Window Approach for Local Path Planning in Mobile Service Robotics
Henkel, Christian; Bubeck, Alexander; Xu, Weilang
Journal Article
2012Tetherway: A framework for tethering camouflage
Schulz, S.; Sadeghi, A.-R.; Zhdanova, M.; Mustafa, H.A.; Xu, W.; Varadharajan, V.
Conference Paper
2010Robust synchronization for 3GPP LTE system
Xu, W.; Manolakis, K.
Conference Paper
2008Design of a biologically inspired parallel robot for foods chewing
Xu, W.L.; Pap, J.-S.; Bronlund, J.
Journal Article
2008Kinematics and experiments of a life-sized masticatory robot for characterizing food texture
Xu, W.L.; Torrance, J.D.; Chen, B.Q.; Potgieter, J.; Bronlund, J.E.; Pap, J.-S.
Journal Article
2007Nested harmonic broadcasting for scalable video over mobile datacast channels
Stockhammer, T.; Gasiba, T.; Samad, W.A.; Schierl, T.; Jenkac, H.; Wiegand, T.; Xu, W.
Journal Article
2006A weighted layered broadcasting scheme for scalable video transmission with multiple site reception
Stockhammer, T.; Gasiba, T.; Samad, W.A.; Xu, W.; Jenkac, H.; Schierl, T.
Conference Paper
2004Magnetic abrasive finishing of non-ferromagnetic tube
Fang, J.C.; Xu, W.J.; Jin, Z.J.; Bi, G.J.; Zhou, J.J.
Conference Paper