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2003Pd/ceramic hollow fibers for H2 separation
Pan, X.L.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.; Xiong, G.-X.; Sheng, S.S.
Journal Article
2001Mesoporous spinel MgAl2O4 prepared by in situ modification of boehmite sol particle surface: I synthesis and characterization of the unsupported membranes
Pan, X.L.; Sheng, S.S.; Xiong, G.-X.; Fang, K.-M.; Tudyka, S.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.
Journal Article
1998Preparation of palladium composite membranes by modified electroless plating procedure
Zhao, H.-B.; Pflanz, K.; Gu, J.-H.; Li, A.-W.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.; Xiong, G.-X.
Journal Article