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2015A novel and practical method for in-situ monitoring of interface delamination by local thermal diffusivity measurement
Wunderle, Bernhard; Schulz, M.; Braun, Tanja; May, D.; Bauer, Jörg; Hölck, Ole; Walter, Hans; Keller, J.
Conference Paper
2013Transport of moisture at epoxy-SiO2 interfaces investigated by molecular modeling
Hölck, Ole; Bauer, Jörg; Braun, Tanja; Walter, Hans; Wittler, Olaf; Wunderle, Bernhard; Lang, Klaus-Dieter
Journal Article
2012Microelectronics packaging materials: Correlating structure and property using molecular dynamics simulations
Hölck, Ole; Wunderle, Bernhard
Book Article
2011Application of hybrid methods to analyse interface properties of packaging materials on miniaturized specimens
Walter, Hans; Wunderle, Bernhard; Keller, Jürgen; Hölck, Ole; Wittler, Olaf; Michel, Bernd
Conference Paper
2011Experimental contact angle determination and characterisation of interfacial energies by molecular modelling of chip to epoxy interfaces
Hölck, Ole; Bauer, Jörg; Wittler, Olaf; Lang, Klaus Dieter; Michel, Bernd; Wunderle, Bernhard
Conference Paper
2011Fracture-mechanical interface characterisation for thermo-mechanical co-design
Wunderle, Bernhard; Schulz, Marcus; Keller, Jürgen; Schlottig, Gerd; Maus, Ingrid; May, Daniel; Hölck, Ole; Pape, Heinz; Michel, Bernd
Journal Article, Conference Paper