Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Precise phase demodulation of single carrier-frequency interferogram by pixel-level Lissajous figure and ellipse fitting
Liu, Fengwei; Wu, Yongqian; Wu, Fan; König, Niels; Schmitt, Robert; Wan, Yongjian; Xu, Yan
Journal Article
2017Toward in-situ protected sulfur cathodes by using lithium bromide and pre-charge
Wu, Feixiang; Thieme, Sören; Ramanujapuram, Anirudh; Zhao, Enbo; Weller, Christine; Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan; Borodin, Oleg A.; Yushin, Gleb N.
Journal Article
2015In situ formation of protective coatings on sulfur cathodes in lithium batteries with LiFSI-based organic electrolytes
Kim, Hyea; Wu, Feixiang; Lee, Jungtae; Nitta, Naoki; Lin, Huanting; Oschatz, Martin; Cho, Wonil; Kaskel, Stefan; Borodin, Oleg A.; Yushin, Gleb N.
Journal Article
2015Micro- and mesoporous carbide-derived carbon-selenium cathodes for high-performance lithium selenium batteries
Lee, Jungtae; Kim, Hyea; Oschatz, Martin; Lee, Dongchan; Wu, Feixiang; Lin, Huanting; Zdyrko, Bogdan; Il Cho, Won; Kaskel, Stefan; Yushin, Gleb N.
Journal Article
2011Introduction to the issue on emerging technologies for video compression
Bull, D.R.; Delp, E.J.; Takamura, S.; Wiegand, T.; Wu, F.
Journal Article
2004Single electron transistors: Modeling and fabrication
Morris, J.E.; Wu, F.; Radehaus, C.; Hietschold, M.; Henning, A.; Hofmann, K.; Kiesow, A.
Conference Paper