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2019Habitat-Net: Segmentation of Habitat Images Using Deep Learning
Abrams, Jesse F.; Vashishtha, Anand; Wong, Seth T.; Nguyen, An; Mohamed, Azlan; Wieser, Sebastian; Kuijper, Arjan; Wilting, Andreas; Mukhopadhyay, Anirban
Journal Article
2014Comparing four approaches for technical debt identification
Zazworka, N.; Vetro', A.; Izurieta, C.; Wong, S.; Cai, Y.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Journal Article
2014Reconfigurable high performance architectures: How much are they ready for safety-critical applications?
Sabena, D.; Sterpone, L.; Schölzel, M.; Koal, T.; Vierhaus, H.T.; Wong, S.; Glein, R.; Rittner, F.; Stender, C.; Porrmann, M.; Hagemeyer, J.
Conference Paper
2013Modelling and analysis of execution traces for real-time applications
Ramamurthy, Preethi
: Rafiq, Salman (Betreuer); Wong, Stephan (Advisor); Bertels, Koen (Advisor); Zaidman, Andy (Advisor)
Master Thesis