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2008Tuning of the rheological properties and thermal behavior of boron-containing polysiloxanes
Ngoumeni-Yappi, R.; Fasel, C.; Riedel, R.; Ischenko, V.; Pippel, E.; Woltersdorf, J.; Clade, J.
Journal Article
2003Subcritical crack growth in Al2O3 with submicron grain size
Krell, A.; Pippel, E.; Woltersdorf, J.; Burger, W.
Journal Article
1995Sintering ZrO2/TiC composites with TiH2. The role of transient liquid phase and of substoichiometry
Krell, A.; Blank, P.; Pippel, E.; Woltersdorf, J.
Journal Article
1994Neue Keramische Werkstoffe
Krell, A.; Pippel, E.; Reetz, T.; Sorge, G.; Woltersdorf, J.
: Michalowsky, L.; Herrmann, M.