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2018Characterization of low temperature Cu/In bonding for fine-pitch interconnects in three-dimensional integration
Panchenko, I.; Bickel, S.; Meyer, J.; Mueller, M.; Wolf, J.M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018In-line metrology for Cu pillar applications in interposer based packages for 2.5D integration
Panchenko, I.; Böttcher, M.; Wolf, J.M.; Kunz, M.; Lehmann, L.; Atanasova, T.; Wieland, M.
Conference Paper
2017Cu passivation with self-assembled monolayers for direct metal bonding in 3D integration
Lykova, M.; Panchenko, I.; Geidel, M.; Reif, J.; Wolf, J.M.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2017Low temperature Cu/In bonding for 3D integration
Panchenko, I.; Bickel, S.; Meyer, J.; Müller, M.; Wolf, J.M.
Conference Paper
2014Comparative analysis of quantum cascade laser modeling based on density matrices and non-equilibrium Green's functions
Lindskog, M.; Wolf, J.M.; Trinite, V.; Liverini, V.; Faist, J.; Maisons, G.; Carras, M.; Aidam, R.; Ostendorf, R.; Wacker, A.
Journal Article
20133D TSV - Influence of electrolyte composites and anneal temperatures to copper protrusion and planarization
Rudolph, C.; Wachsmuth, H.; Bartusseck, I.; Parthenopoulos, M.; Goerner, L.; Boettcher, M.; Grafe, J.; Wolf, J.M.
Conference Paper
2011Processing of ultrathin 300 mm wafers with carrierless technology
Spiller, S.; Molina, F.; Wolf, J.M.; Grafe, J.; Schenke, A.; Toennies, D.; Hennemeyer, M.; Tabuchi, T.; Auer, H.
Conference Paper