Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Evaluation of a high-speed multispectral light source for stroboscopic differential imaging for endocardial examination of Daphnia magna
Wittig, Marcus; Rogler, Georg N.; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Baselt, Tobias; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2017Construction of a measuring vehicle for recording basic data of roads
Wittig, M.; Häupl, R.; Hartmann, T.; Lehmann, R.; Wetzel, D.; Kühn, W.; Hartmann, P.
Conference Paper
2017Unique method to determine the differential mode delay of specialty multimode fibers
Wittig, M.; Baselt, T.; Nelsen, B.; Hartmann, P.
Conference Paper
2014Marktstudie - Leichtbaubearbeitung im aktuellen Überblick
Forbes, Alistair; Wittig, Maureen
Journal Article
2011Lactic fermentation to improve the aroma of protein extracts of sweet lupin (Lupinus angustifolius)
Schindler, S.; Wittig, M.; Zelena, K.; Krings, U.; Bez, J.; Eisner, P.; Berger, R.G.
Journal Article
1998A Framework for Designing Distributed Management Applications
Strick, L.; Wittig, M.; Berquist, A.
Journal Article
1998TRUMPET Service Management Architecture
Sacks, L.; Prnjat, O.; Wittig, M.; Kande, M.M.; Bhushan, B.; Mazaher, S.; Autant, C.
Conference Paper
1997On the Use of UML for ODP-Viewpoint Modeling
Kande, M.; Wittig, M.; Tai, S.
Conference Paper
1996Development of IBC service management services
Strick, D.; Wittig, M.; Paschke, S.; Meinköhn, J.
Conference Paper
1995The COMPASS Tool - Architecture and Specification
Brachwitz, M.; Burmester, C.; Himmer, K.; Paschke, S.; Strick, L.; Wittig, M.
1995Guide to the ANDROMEDA platform
Burmester, C.; Richter, A.; Schittko, O.; Wittig, M.
1993A tool supporting the management information modeling process
Wittig, M.; Pfeifer, M.
Conference Paper
1991Damocles - a tool for the definition of managed object classes
Wittig, Marcus; Tschichholz, Michael
Conference Paper
1991Guide to the BERKOM directory
Tschichholz, M.; Behrendt, M.; Dittrich, A.; Hall, J.; Jantzen, N.; Ludwig, M.; Schittko, O.; Waßerroth, S.; Wittig, M.