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2016Anti-citrullinated protein antibodies are linked to erosive disease in an observational study of patients with psoriatic arthritis
Behrens, F.; Koehm, M.; Thaci, D.; Gnann, H.; Greger, G.; Wittig, B.M.; Burkhardt, H.
Journal Article
2016Does concomitant methotrexate with adalimumab influence treatment outcomes in patients with psoriatic arthritis? Data from a large observational study
Behrens, F.; Koehm, M.; Arndt, U.; Wittig, B.M.; Greger, G.; Thaci, D.; Scharbatke, E.; Tony, H.-P.; Burkhardt, H.
Journal Article
2015 Association between Skin and Joint Involvement in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis Treated with Adalimumab: Analysis of Data from a German Non-Interventional Study
Thaci, D.; Behrens, F.; Greger, G.; Burkhardt, H.; Gnann, H.; Schopf, R.; Wittig, B.M.
Journal Article
2015The impact of prior biologic therapy on adalimumab response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Feuchtenberger, M.; Kleinert, S.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Gnann, H.; Behrends, F.; Wittig, B.M.; Greger, G.; Tony, H.P.
Journal Article
2002The in vitro anti-inflammatory effects of recombinant anti-CD25 immunotoxin on lamina propria T cells of patients with inflammatory bowel disease are not sufficient to cure experimental colitis in mice
Pfister, K.; Wittig, B.M.; Jüngling, B.; Ecker, K.W.; Barth, S.; Huhn, M.; Sasse, S.; Engert, A.; Mueller-Molaian, I.; Diehl, V.; Zeitz, M.; Stallmach, A.
Journal Article