Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Sick Moves! Motion Parameters as Indicators of Simulator Sickness
Feigl, T.; Roth, D.; Gradl, S.; Wirth, M.; Latoschik, M.E.; Eskofier, B.M.; Philippsen, M.; Mutschler, C.
Journal Article
2018Effect of substrate bias on the growth behavior of iridium on A-plane sapphire using radio frequency sputtering at low temperatures
Meyer, F.; Oeser, S.; Graff, A.; Reisacher, E.; Carl, E.-R.; Fromm, A.; Wirth, M.; Groener, L.; Burmeister, F.
Journal Article
2018Microstructural investigations of polycrystalline Ti2AlN prepared by physical vapor deposition of Ti-AlN multilayers
Gröner, Lukas; Kirste, Lutz; Oeser, Sabine; Fromm, Alexander; Wirth, Marco; Meyer, Frank; Burmeister, Frank; Eberl, Chris
Journal Article
2017Improved approaches to the exact solution of the machine covering problem
Walter, R.; Wirth, M.; Lawrinenko, A.
Journal Article
2017Wearable Current-Based ECG Monitoring System with Non-Insulated Electrodes for Underwater Application
Gradl, S.; Cibis, T.; Lauber, J.; Richer, R.; Rybalko, R.; Pfeiffer, N.; Leutheuser, H.; Wirth, M.; Tscharner, V. von; Eskofier, B.M.
Journal Article
2015Development and first results of a new near-ir airborne greenhouse gas lidar
Fix, A.; Amediek, A.; Büdenbender, C.; Ehret, G.; Quatrevalet, M.; Wirth, M.; Löhring, J.; Kasemann, R.; Klein, J.; Hoffmann, D.; Klein, V.
Conference Paper
2015Investigation of the corrosion behavior of NiVAl multilayer coatings in hot salt melts
Gurr, M.; Bau, S.; Burmeister, F.; Wirth, M.; Piedra-Gonzalez, E.; Krebser, K.; Preussner, J.; Pfeiffer, W.
Journal Article
2015Novel RNA-biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of prostate carcinoma
Horn, Friedemann; Hackermüller, Jörg; Christ-Breulmann, Sabina; Reiche, Kristin; Wirth, Manfred; Fröhner, Michael; Füssel, Susanne
2014INNOSLAB-based single-frequency MOPA for airborne lidar detection of CO2 and methane
Löhring, J.; Luttmann, J.; Kasemann, R.; Schlösser, M.; Klein, J.; Hoffmann, H.-D.; Amediek, A.; Büdenbender, C.; Fix, A.; Wirth, M.; Quatrevalet, M.; Ehret, G
Conference Paper
2012Biopsy plate for use in embedding cassette of diagnostic device, comprises flat side, which is formed as upper side for receiving sample of patient extracted in frame of biopsy
Baretton, Gustavo; Fehre, Jens; Füssel, Susanne; Gerich, Carola; Härtling, Thomas; Nanke, Ralf; Schubert, Edgar; Toma, Marieta; Wirth, Manfred; Opitz, Jörg; Schreiber, Jürgen
2012CD31, EDNRB and TSPAN7 are promising prognostic markers in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma revealed by genome-wide expression analyses of primary tumors and metastases
Wuttig, Daniela; Zastrow, Stefan; Füssel, Susanne; Toma, Marieta I.; Meinhardt, Matthias; Kalman, Kristin; Junker, Kerstin; Sanjmyatav, Jimsgene; Boll, Kerstin; Hackermüller, Jörg; Rolle, Axel; Grimm, Marc-Oliver; Wirth, Manfred P.
Journal Article
2012Process optimization and biocompatibility of cell carriers suitable for automated magnetic manipulation
Krejci, I.; Piana, C.; Howitz, S.; Wegener, T.; Fiedler, S.; Zwanzig, M.; Schmitt, D.; Daum, N.; Meier, K.; Lehr, C.M.; Batista, U.; Zemljic, S.; Messerschmidt, J.; Franzke, J.; Wirth, M.; Gabor, F.
Journal Article
2011Detection of cancer cells in prostate tissue with time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Gerich, C.E.; Opitz, J.; Toma, M.; Sergon, M.; Füssel, S.; Nanke, R.; Fehre, J.; Wirth, M.; Baretton, G.; Schreiber, J.
Conference Paper
2009Hybrid inorganic-organic functional coatings for injection molding applications
Burmeister, F.; Hagen, J.; Denter, J.; Wirth, M.; Fromm, A.; Kleer, G.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2008Analyse und Simulation von echtzeitfähigen Applikationen auf Many-Core-Prozessoren
Wirth, M.
: Zeller, M. (Betreuer)