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2019Differential protonation at the catalytic six-iron cofactor of [FeFe]-hydrogenases revealed by 57Fe nuclear resonance X-ray scattering and quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics analyses
Mebs, Stefan; Duan, Jifu; Wittkamp, Florian; Stripp, Sven Timo; Happe, Thomas; Apfel, Ulf-Peter; Winkler, Martin; Haumann, Michael
Journal Article
2019The geometry of the catalytic active site in [FeFe]-hydrogenases is determined by hydrogen bonding and proton transfer
Duan, Jifu; Mebs, Stefan; Senger, Moritz; Laun, Konstantin; Wittkamp, Florian; Heberle, Joachim; Happe, Thomas; Hofmann, Eckhard; Apfel, Ulf-Peter; Winkler, Martin; Haumann, Michael; Stripp, Sven Timo
Journal Article
2019The influence on sintering and properties of sodium niobate (NaNbO3) ceramics by "non-stoichiometric" precursor compositions
Ruf, Thomas; Mauck, Markus; Megnin, Christof; Winkler, Markus; Hillebrecht, Harald; Hanemann, Thomas
Journal Article
2019User requirements and case studies to evaluate the practicability and usability of the urban climate model PALM-4U
Halbig, G.; Steuri, B.; Büter, B.; Heese, I.; Schultze, J.; Stecking, M.; Stratbücker, S.; Willen, L.; Winkler, M.
Journal Article
2012A cross-level approach to distribution planning
Klingebiel, K.; Winkler, M.; Klaas, A.; Laroque, C.
Conference Paper