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2015Multiscale simulation process and application to additives in porous composite battery electrodes
Wieser, C.; Prill, T.; Schladitz, K.
Journal Article
2014Multi-Scale Simulation Study to Asses the Impact of a Nanoporous Additive to Battery Performance
Prill, T.; Schladitz, K.; Wieser, C.; Jeulin, D.
2013Morphological segmentation of FIB-SEM data of highly porous media
Prill, T.; Schladitz, K.; Jeulin, D.; Faessel, M.; Wieser, C.
Journal Article
2012Micro-scale modeling of Li-ion batteries: Parameterization and validation
Less, G.B.; Seo, J.H.; Han, S.; Sastry, A.M.; Zausch, J.; Latz, A.; Schmidt, S.; Wieser, C.; Kehrwald, D.; Fell, S.
Journal Article
2012Simulation of FIB-SEM images for segmentation of porous microstructures
Prill, T.; Schladitz, K.; Wieser, C.
Conference Paper
2011A multi-scale approach to material modeling of fuel cell diffusion media
Becker, J.; Wieser, C.; Fell, S.; Steiner, K.
Journal Article