Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Automating bronchoconstriction analysis based on U-Net
Steinmeyer, C.; Dehmel, S.; Theidel, D.; Braun, A.; Wiese, L.
Conference Paper
2021Interpreting Decision-Making Process for Multivariate Time Series Classification
Babayev, R.; Wiese, L.
Conference Paper
2021NNCompare: A framework for dataset selection, data augmentation and comparison of different neural networks for medical image analysis
Wiese, L.; Höltje, D.
Conference Paper
2021Software Quality Assessment of a Web Application for Biomedical Data Analysis
Wiese, L.; Wiese, I.; Lietz, K.
Conference Paper
2020Benchmarking a distributed database design that supports patient cohort identification
Schäfer, J.M.; Sax, U.; Wiese, L.
Conference Paper
2020Sampling methods and feature selection for mortality prediction with neural networks
Steinmeyer, C.; Wiese, L.
Journal Article
2019Towards generating consumer labels for machine learning models
Seifert, C.; Scherzinger, S.; Wiese, L.
Conference Paper
2007Secure mediation of join queries by processing ciphertexts
Biskup, J.; Tsatedem, C.; Wiese, L.
Conference Paper