Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Influence of HFO refrigerants on the viscoelastic behavior of elastomers
Eyerer, S.; Eyerer, Peter; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.
Conference Paper
2018Theoretical analysis and experimental investigation of material compatibility between refrigerants and polymers
Eyerer, S.; Eyerer, P.; Eicheldinger, M.; Tübke, B.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.
Journal Article
2017Material compatibility of ORC working fluids with polymers
Eyerer, Sebastian; Eyerer, Peter; Eicheldinger, Markus; Sax, Sebastian; Wieland, Christoph; Spliethoff, Hartmut
Journal Article
2013Stars and blocks: Tailoring polymeric rheology modifiers for aqueous media by controlled free radical polymerization
Laschewsky, A.; Herfurth, C.; Miasnikova, A.; Stahlhut, F.; Weiss, J.; Wieland, C.; Wischerhoff, E.; Gradzielski, M.; Malo de Molina, P.
Conference Paper
2012One-step RAFT synthesis of well-defined amphiphilic star polymers and their self-assembly in aqueous solution
Herfurth, C.; Malo de Molina, P.; Wieland, C.; Rogers, S.; Gradzielski, M.; Laschewsky, A.
Journal Article
2011On the nanostructure of micrometer-sized cellulose beads
Thünemann, A.F.; Klobes, P.; Wieland, C.; Bruzzano, S.
Journal Article
2005Cationic Polymer Grafted Starch from Nonsymmetrically Substituted Macroinitiators
Bruzzano, S.; Sieverling, N.; Wieland, C.; Jaeger, W.; Thünemann, A.; Springer, J.
Journal Article
2005New water soluble agents for reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization and their application in aqueous solutions
Mertoglu, M.; Laschewsky, A.; Skrabania, K.; Wieland, C.
Journal Article
2003Synthesis and characterization of cationic polyelectrolytes as standard materials for aqueous gel permeation chromatography
Wieland, C.
Master Thesis