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2018Viability and biocompatibility of an adhesive system for intrarenal embedding and endoscopic removal of small residual fragments in minimally‑invasive stone treatment in an in vivo pig model
Hein, Simon; Schoeb, Dominik Stefan; Grundwald, Ingo; Richter, Katharina; Haberstroh, Jörg; Seidl, Maximilian; Bronsert, Peter; Wetterauer, Ulrich; Schoenthaler, Martin; Miernik, Arkadiusz
Journal Article
2017New for old-coagulum lithotomy vs a novel bioadhesive for complete removal of stone fragments in a comparative study in an ex vivo porcine model
Schoeb, D.S.; Schoenthaler, M.; Schlager, D.; Petzold, R.; Richter, K.; Grunwald, I.; Wetterauer, U.; Miernik, A.; Hein, S.
Journal Article
2015Is in vivo analysis of urinary stone composition feasible? Evaluation of an experimental setup of a Raman system coupled to commercial lithotripsy laser fibers
Miernik, A.; Eilers, Y.; Nuese, C.; Bolwien, C.; Lambrecht, A.; Hesse, A.; Rassweiler, J.J.; Schlager, D.; Wilhelm, K.; Wetterauer, U.; Schoenthaler, M.
Journal Article
2013Automated analysis of urinary stone composition using raman spectroscopy
Miernik, A.; Eilers, Y.; Bolwien, C.; Lambrecht, A.; Hauschke, D.; Rebentisch, G.; Lossin, P.S.; Hesse, A.; Rassweiler, J.J.; Wetterauer, U.; Schoenthaler, M.
Journal Article